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Paper details
Create a chart of your school’s types of assessments, technologies of assessments, levels/grades assessed, and with whom the assessment data is shared. Which assessments are of value to you in your work? How do you qualify the assessments to ensure that they measure what your students are achieving? Is there other data that you wish you had when planning your lessons and goals? Provide an overall review of the assessment literacy of your school.

Land Governance Approaches

Paper details review 4 provided papers that go through Land Governance/Administration Approaches. (attached documents that start with LR_ in Name).
Briefly describe and categorize the approaches and compare the resources required for each (50%), and discuss their chances of success (or continued success) with regard to the issues being addressed and the factors that may inhibit them (50%).
– Review the publications in a section-per-paper basis
– Generally summarize the following in a table at the end of each section (example of section and table provided in attached documents):
– scale (national?, global?, regional?, etc)
– degree of formality (from proposed to legally binding)
– Resource(s):
– Weakness(es):
– Factors that may inhibit the Land Governance Approach:
the four papers are provided for review as well as a word file with an example of a section.
Note: no need for Introduction, conclusion, and references for this text.

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