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A writing reflection of my own paper

Paper details In “Reflective Writing and the Revision Process,” Sandra Giles notes that “[i]n a writing class, you may be asked to think about your writing processes in general or in relation to a particular essay, to think about your intentions regarding rhetorical elements such as audience and purpose, or to think about your choices regarding development strategies such as comparison-contrast, exemplification, or definition. You may be asked to describe your decisions regarding language features such as word choice, sentence rhythm, and so on. You may be asked to evaluate or assess your piece of writing or your development as a writer in general” (191).

Keeping in mind the suggestions and concerns laid out by Giles in this essay, craft a “Writing Reflection” in which you offer a critical appraisal of your Final Research Essay. You should include some discussion of your writing/ research process and should also offer some rationale regarding key aspects of your writing—such as your utilization of the strategies identified by Giles and/or the decisions you made “regarding language features such as word choice, sentence rhythm, and so on.” Finally, you could also choose to address any disconnect between the arguments you set out to make/support and the claims/evidence offered in the paper itself.

Don’t be afraid to identify weak points in your own writing/ argumentation/ formatting. Your ability to recognize and address such issues is key to the reflective process.

Your Writing Reflection should be no shorter than one page and no longer than two. There is no need to provide a Works Cited.

My research paper is attached.

Stop and Frisk

Paper details Before you begin writing, read the passages carefully and plan what you will say. Explain the arguments and discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with their analysis of stop and frisk and racial profiling. Support your position by providing reasons and examples from the articles, outside sources, and, sparingly, from your own experience and observations if they apply. Your essay should be well-organized and carefully written.
If you defend your assertions using articles from the textbook or outside sources, be sure to cite these as well, both in-text and in the Works Cited.
FORMAL REQUIREMENTS: This paper should be typed, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, in 12-point, Times New Roman font. Be sure to include a proper heading and header. Your paper should have a dynamic title.

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