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Abstract Algebra

Problems are given on the last three pages of the attached PDF file. Problems from 1 to 24 on page numbers 15, 16 and 17.
I want all questions to be solved correctly, perfectly and with all work shown with steps so that I also understand the solution.
Talk only if you can give me correct solutions to all 24 problems.
Download assignment file from below link:


For example, ECE-153 has no prerequisites, but it is a prerequisite for ECE-155, which in turn is a prerequisite for ECE-158. There are no cross-depth prerequisites. Write a program prereq.c that prompts the user for a course name and prints the prerequisites needed to take it, and a happy message if no prerequisites are required, as shown below. Implement your program using switch-case and use fall-through.
(˜)$ a.out
Course: ECE-15
Prereqs: Anyone can take that!
(˜)$ a.out
Course: ECE-141
Prereqs: ECE-111 <– ECE-15
(˜)$ a.out
Course: ECE-165
Prereqs: ECE-141 <– ECE-111 <– ECE-15
(˜)$ a.out
Course: ECE-155
Prereqs: ECE-153

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C program Recursive functions

Include static local variable count initialized to 1. Postincrement and print the value of count
each time main is called. Run your program. What happens?
 —-I need this program working completely in C. —— please run it on there before answering. money comes with a working program.

C program Linear Search

6.18 to use a recursive linearSearch function
to perform the linear search of the array. The function should receive an integer array and the size
of the array as arguments. If the search key is found, return the array subscript; otherwise, return –1.
—–PLease i need the program in C, and working on
money comes with a working program

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