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Advanced Directive/five wishes

Paper details Please refer to your 5 Wishes Booklet or the online version ( Please complete your own advance directive using this 5 Wishes document. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR ADVANCE DIRECTIVE AS IT IS PERSONAL. After completing it, please respond to the questions below. Paper should include at least 1 paragraph per question (unless otherwise stated) and should be double spaced pages using college level writing as per APA. A title page is required but references are not necessary. Please make sure to clearly delineate each question (using an abbreviated question as a subhead is best; such as Completed 5 Wishes, Opinion, Wish 3, etc.). Make sure to include the following: 1. Did you complete the 5 Wishes document and on what date did you officially sign it? Only 1 sentence required.2. What is your opinion about how helpful it would be to your family and healthcare team in determining what you would want if you couldn’t speak for yourself?3. How did you feel about completing this advance directive when the assignment was first discussed? How do you feel now that you have completed the advance directives and discussed them with your health care agent? (Be honest!….there are no right or wrong answers.)4. Who (by relationship not name) did you pick as your health care agent and why (Wish 1)?5. Describe and discuss the rationale for the kind of medical treatment you want (Wish 2) in one of the 4 situations.6. Please give an overview of how comfortable you want to be (Wish 3) and why.7. Please give an overview of how you want to people to treat you (Wish 4) and why.8. Please give an overview of what you want your loved ones to know (Wish 5) and why.9. What did you do and how did you feel immediately after you completed the Five Wishes?10. What do you think about the use of advance directives after doing this assignment? Do you believe they are more or less helpful than you thought before? This assignment is worth 15 points (10% of final grade). Eighty (80) percent – 12 points – of the grade will be based on the CONTENT (quality of the content, inclusion of required elements). Twenty (20) percent- 3 points – will be based on FORMAT (the finished paper form and style, grammar, spelling).

Part of the Background to the Problem section of Chapter 2 highlights the historic context

Part of the Background to the Problem section of Chapter 2 highlights the historic context of the problem under study. Discuss the problem for your dissertation study. What are the key elements that provide the historic context to the study? How does the research literature create or support that historic context?

My dissertation topic is: The Impact of One’s Ethnic Background on Learning English Pronunciations

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