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Advertisement for a Prescription Drug

Paper details Choose one print ad (in a magazine, newspaper, or online ONLY) for a prescription drug. Describe how the ad defines the medical problem, how it suggests people should identify the medical problem, what they should do if they think they have the problem, and what side effects they might encounter if they use the drug.

The FDA provides fact sheets on drugs approved for medical use on the following website: (

In addition to describing the intended medical use, it also describes negative side effects and steps to deal with negative side effects. Compare and contrast how the information is presented in the advertisement and the FDA fact sheet, in terms of the description of the medical problem, appropriate help-seeking, and side effects?

It is not necessary to look outside of the fact sheets and advertisements to complete the assignment. However, if you think it will be important to turn to outside sources for your particular drug (e.g. to describe how the drug works), then that is great. In either case, please make sure to cite your sources in APA format (INCLUDING the FDA factsheet).


Teacher interview

Paper details Teacher Interview. Interview teachers who have taught autistic students in their classroom(s). Have them describe their experiences and what strategies they developed that they felt were effective and ineffective and why. Provide detailed description on these topics:
1. Background/history of student(s)
2. Characteristics of student(s)
3. Strategies. Describe what strategies the teacher used with the student(s). Explain which have been successful and which have not.
4. Interventions. Describe what interventions the teacher has used with this student(s). Explain which have been successful and which have not.
5. Outcomes
6. Specific suggestions from teacher interviewed.

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