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American Government Research Project

Paper details Your goal for this research project is to understand the ideological framework and political positions of the Federalists and
Anti-Federalists during the early days of American government and to make an argument for whether either would
support the modern American government after centuries of constitutional changes and amendments. Your paper will
focus on each branch of government and the changes each has gone through since the writing of the Constitution.

Fall of the Carolinian Empire

Paper details The following assignment will help you master the differences/similarities between the manorial and feudal systems, as well as deepen your understanding of the long-term consequences of the fall of the Carolinian Empire.

Using the terms listed below, craft an essay that compares and contrasts the manorial and feudal systems.
-Military Service
-Mutual Obligations
-Labor Services
-Low Justice

Must use each of the sixteen terms on the list.
Each term’s meaning must be clear to the reader based upon the context in which the term is used in the sentence.
Each term must be emboldened.

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