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Analysis of the following poems listed in instructions

Paper details Although they are set in different time periods and cultures, Beowulf, The Nun’s Priest’s Tale, and The Rape of the Lock all use variations of the epic genre. Write a two-page essay that analyzes each poem, explaining how it is rhetorically effective in portraying an important societal value of the culture being portrayed. In the case of Pope and Chaucer, explain why the “mock-heroic” format works better than the traditional epic form. Remember to highlight each quote and follow up with a brief analysis.

Your responses should reflect close readings of the referenced texts. Avoid long or block quotes. Quote sparingly (a sentence here and a sentence there) and follow each quote with a synthesis that helps elucidate your thesis statement. No secondary sources are allowed for the essays; you should rely solely on the primary texts.

Summary of “Is the United States a ‘Racial Democracy’?”

Paper details Read Jason Stanley and Vesla Weaver’s article “Is the United
States a ‘Racial Democracy’?” published in The New York Times. Once you thoroughly understand the authors’ argument and main points, write a 350 – 500 word (1 or 2 paragraph) summary of the article’s main ideas and key supporting points. Be sure that your summary includes at least 2 quotations from the article (full or
blended). Also, be sure to introduce your summary with a full signal phrase and to use short signal phrases throughout your summary to remind your readers that they are reading a
summary. Lastly, be sure to proofread and edit your summary carefully.
Do note that there are two key points in the authors’ argument. First, they critique some issues they see in the criminal justice system, and then they address the impact these issues have on the democratic process. Be sure that your summary addresses both main ideas.

Answer the following questions

Paper details 1. To Marguerite -Continued by Mathew Arnold. How does imagery help evoke emotion in this poem? Choose three images from the poem and describe the emotions that the images evoke. Explain how the images are onnected to the emotions.
2. How does “London” reflect the issues and characteristics of the Romantic period? Describe three ways in which the poem discusses or comments on the problems or issues. Your response should be 1-2 paragraphs long.
3. Conrad’s Heart of Darkness has been criticized for portraying Africa through the eyes o a European colonist rather than trough African eyes. What images does Conrad use to portray the setting of the Congo River? How does the setting imply the clash between European and African cultures or world views? How might Africans portray Africa differently than Conrad’s Marlow? Choose two images from passage and explain how they could portray a potential clash between the cultures. Your response should be at least 2 pragraphs long.
4. There is a great debate among literary critics about whether or not the historical context of a piece of literature is important in understanding the literature. Some critics argue that you can only fully understand a piece of literature if you understand the historical events that were on going when it was being written. Others argue that each piece of literature is independent of its historical context and you should not have to look for information outside the text to understand it. What do you think? Write a brief essay in which you agree or disagree with the statement that literature can best be understood in its historical context. Choose a piece of literature for each time period that we’ve studied during this half of the course, (Romantic, Victorian, and Modern World), and support your opinion in terms of this literature you’ve chosen. Romantic-“The Chimney Sweeper” by Blake, Victorian-“My Last Duchess” by Browning:, Modern World-”The Second Coming” by Dylan Thomas.

– Research Questions, Thesis Statement, and Rhetorical Analysis

Paper details The purpose of this assignment is to try to help you to see writing as it is—an important means of communication. To accomplish this, please analyze your research topic more fully by identifying your research questions and thesis statement and then carefully considering your rhetorical situation. Remember: your challenge in the research paper is to communicate your purpose clearly to your reader.

Place your research questions and thesis statement at the top of the page, below the required heading, and answer the questions shown below. Be sure that the questions are copied to your assignment; each question should be followed by a one to two paragraph answer. The purpose of this assignment is to help direct your research and organize your thinking on the topic. Remember that your thesis statement should be a single, complete sentence that is NOT a question.
Write three of your research questions here (remember that, if the question can be answered by YES or NO, it is a closed-ended question that does not invite discussion and so should be revised):
Question 1. What is the impact on reproductive health among pregnant women during COVID -19 pandemic?
Question 2. What are some of the racial, health, and ethnic disparities among gay and bisexuals living with HIV in major cities in the United States.
Question 3. What are the majors causes of increase in infant mortality in the U.S and what are some of the mitigations that can be done to reverse this trend.
Write your thesis statement here (one complete sentence that is not a question):

Write paragraphs that respond to the questions below:
1. What is my purpose in writing this paper?
2. What do I already know about my topic? What are my feelings toward this topic?
3. What do my readers already know? What are my readers’ feelings toward the topic?
4. What do my readers need to know to understand my point?
5. What information do I need to research and add to my paper?
Begin by looking at the research question(s) which triggered this thesis statement. Then explain your purpose (passing the course is not the purpose here). Your thesis statement is a good place to start, but you need to go a bit further. Are you trying to inform, entertain, persuade, or do something else? Consider the “audience take-away.” What do you want your readers to know, feel, or believe when they finish reading your research paper? A clear understanding of your purpose will help you decide what information to include in your paper and how to organize your paper.

Next, consider your audience; in this case, your audience is your classmates. Consider how much they know about your topic and what they need to know to understand your purpose. Will you need to explain complex terminology? Will graphs help your audience? If your topic is a controversial one, think about the best way to present it to your audience. For example, think about your tone and word choice here.

Once you have an understanding of your purpose and audience, consider your subject. How much information do you already know about the topic? What information do you need to research and present to your audience in order to fulfill your purpose? Careful consideration here will help direct your research.
– I have picked research question 2.
Question 2. What are some of the racial, health, and ethnic disparities among gay and bisexuals living with HIV in major cities in the United States.

Comparative Analysis

Paper details Write a comparative analysis of the poems
Marlowe, “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love”
Donne, “The Bait”;
on a similar theme. Compare such aspects as (a) situation and point of view (what is stated or implied about the speaker, person(s) addressed, and circumstances), (b) figurative language, (c) tone, (d) diction, (e) versification, (f) rhyme scheme or stanza form. You don’t need to talk about all these elements, though. Focus on those that lend themselves to a significant comparison. In what respects does each poem exhibit the individual style of its author; in what respects does it belong to a “school”?
(1) close analysis of the author’s work that interprets and articulates the work’s meaning through the literary style and aesthetics; and (2) expresses how the literary work conveys significant historical or cultural event(s), or characteristic perspectives or attitudes (social, political, religious) during the literary period.
Do not use or cite any outside source materials in the paper. Historical events or literary periods are considered common knowledge and do not require citation.
The Works Cited page is already done and is attached.

Midterm Exam

Paper details Midterm Exam
From this list of prompts, select two and write two essays. Each should represent about 45 minutes worth of writing. They should be 1 and ½ to 2 pages in length (500-800 words). Try to select prompts that you feel you can show off your skills with. Have fun and try to be as creative and original as possible. I will grade them for content, but please try to make them as readable as possible.

A. In an essay combining narrative, interpretive and descriptive modes of writing, please fully explain one of the following concepts: civility, angst, evil, sacrifice, or holiness.

B. Write about a time when you suffered a great sense of loss. What happened and why was it so significant?

C. Write about a significant toy from your childhood. Why was it so significant?

D. Write about a pair of shoes you once owned or even another significant piece of clothing or jewelry.

E. Write about a time of ceremonial importance in your life. Why was the ceremony so significant and what effect did it have on you?

F. Evaluate and review Donald Trump’s presidency. How would he compare to other presidents?

G. Is universal health care coverage a good idea for our country? Why or why not?

H. React to this quote from Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. “. . .perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who . . .have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well.” Do you agree or disagree? Why?

I. Write about a significant religious experience from your childhood. What happened and why was it so significant?

J. In your opinion, what is the one aspect of American culture that is uniquely American? In other words, what defines us as a culture?

K. What is the appeal of reality television shows? What specifically makes them so popular? Do you feel that at some point, people will tire of them? Why or why not? Support your point with examples.

L. What, in your opinion, are the three most important aspects of good writing? Why?

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