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annotated bibliography

Paper details For this assignment, you must write a Works Cited page in proper MLA format. To do so, please follow the guidelines on Purdue OWL’s website that we examined in class. Remember that sources should be cited in alphabetical order by author (not necessarily the order in which you consult them). Also, Works Cited pages should have their title centred, be written in Times New Roman 12, double-spaced, and each subsequent line after the first line of each individual source should be indented (see example on Purdue to help with formatting). As with proper MLA, your last name and the page number should feature in the top right corner.
Your Works Cited page must contain three (3) different scholarly secondary sources, and these sources can go towards your final essay. Since the assignment consists of an annotated bibliography, you will need to include under each source a short paragraph that (1) summarizes, (2) assesses, and (3) reflects on said source in terms of your own work, as per the suggestions covered in class on Purdue OWL’s website; your contribution may be shorter than Purdue’s recommendation of one paragraph per section—1-2 sentences for each of the three criteria should suffice.

texts: a love song of j alfred prufrock
goblin market
Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart

Variables and Operational Definitions

Paper details In this activity, you will submit the following elements, resulting in a set of hypotheses.

State your Research Topic, Objective/Purpose, and Research Question(s).
List and label the variables, including independent, dependent, intervening, or moderating.
Explain the relationships among the variables.
Describe the purpose of operationalizing variables.
Describe how you would operationalize the variables in your research question(s). You can mention more than one possible option for these, as there can be different ways of operationalizing the same variables.
Develop a set of hypotheses (null and alternative) from your identified variables that address your identified research question(s).


Eisenhart defined the theoretical framework as “a structure that guides research by relying on a formal theory…constructed by using an established, coherent explanation of certain phenomena and relationships” (1991, p. 205).1 Thus, the theoretical framework should lay out the specific theories and theorists upon which prior research is grounded, and now into which your new research will contribute.

The process of research involves observing the effects of certain variables on other variables or of describing (and predicting) the relationships between certain variables. Some variables are relatively easy to measure. If an important variable in our study is the weight of persons in our sample, we might decide to use the reading from a scale and report their weight in pounds. But it isn’t so easy with other variables. Suppose we want to study math anxiety of adult students who are continuing their education after a long break. How would we measure the variable “math anxiety?” The answer lies in a process called operationalization that enables us to measure variables such as math anxiety by reducing abstract notions into observable behaviors or characteristics.

The hypothesis represents the researcher’s expectations about the relationship between the variables of the problem. It should predict a relationship between the identified variables in a specific and testable way. Using this prediction, we move forward in the process of research.

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