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answer this DB week one community health

Paper details answer this question in two paragraph with 5 sentences per paragraph.

DQ 2. Discuss the history of public and community health nursing and its effects on
current social, political and economic issues in the United States.

textbook: Title/Edition: Foundations of Nursing in the Community: Community-Oriented Practice, 4th
Edition Authors: Marcia Stanhope, RN, DSN, FAAN, and Janette Lancaster, RN, PhD, FAAN
ISBN: 978-0-323-10094-6

summarize the following NIST SP 1800s

Paper details Essay topic assignment: summarize the following NIST SP 1800s. A paragraph on each assigned guide.

1. SP 1800-11 Data Integrity: Recovering from Ransomware

2. SP 1800-8 Securing Wireless Infusion Pumps in Healthcare Delivery Organizationsand Other Destructive Events.

3. SP 1800-7 Situational Awareness for Electric Utilities

4. SP 1800-4b Mobile Device Security: Cloud and Hybrid Builds

5. SP 1800-1b Securing Electronic Health Records on Mobile Devices

6. SP 1800-2b Identity and Access Management for Electric Utilities

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