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Are player unions necessary?

examples from the selections in the course text, describe some of the
policies that have been established through negotiations between players
unions and team owners. How have labor matters affected the
relationships between sports team owners and players? Do you think that
players unions are necessary? Sum up your ideas in 200-250 words.

The Game with No Name

She wants the game
to be awarded Top 10 Kudos like Super Mario, Rock Band, and SimCity. Read all
the directions first and follow them carefully to get this new expedition

1.  What five characters should be included in the game and
why? You should name and describe each character and his or her role. You must
include at least one Native American and one woman in your list.

(700- to 1,500-word essay) paper

Describe the following
terms in your word.( no word for word definitions, must be in own words).

·  Gross domestic
product (GDP)

·  Real GDP

·  Nominal GDP

·  Unemployment rate

·  Inflation rate

·  Deflation

·  Interest rate


Consider the following
examples of economic activities:

·  Purchasing of

·  Massive layoff of

·  Decrease in taxes 

Describe how each of these
activities affects government, households, and businesses. Describe the flow of
resources from one entity to another for each activity.

would you apply the lesson(s) learned into your business? I actually own a
t-shirt and Decal business

a minimum of 6 references.

Labor Disputes and the Sides of the Bargaining Table Professional sports are gr

Using your personal experiences, research from the course
text, and at least two outside scholarly sources, complete a two-to
three-page APA style formatted paper (not including the title and
reference page). In a narrative format, the paper must include:An examination of the background of the 2004-2005 National Hockey League (NHL) lockout.
A description of the major issues involved in the 2004-2005 NHL hockey lockout.
An analysis of what side of the bargaining table you agree with, players or owners.

Must have work cited

Common sources of revenue for professional sports teams

Why is each source so important to the operations of the teams? How do
teams try to manipulate the sources of revenue for increased profit? Sum
up your ideas in 200-250 words.
Guided Response:
Review the ideas in your classmates’ postings. Based on their ideas
and the selections in the course text, respond to at least two of your
classmates, and predict where future revenue streams will be generated.
How will teams be creative in developing new revenue sources?

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