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0  1999 that keep over heating.. i change the termostat, the fans the water pump is working good and the radiador is no liking..can you tell me why the keep over heating i dont see links of water but the heater is not working an if i turn the heater on the over heat and you cant se smoke coming from the me please thank you

1994 chevy asro van

Cleaned out the egr module.
2.Replaced the ignition control module.
3. Replaced the spark plugs, distributor cap And rotor.
The van ran fine for about 1000 miles but now it is running rich an the exhaust smells like fuel. It won’t accelerate properly.  How can I fix this problem?

Create shortcuts to your favorite program ‘s keyboard…

, If you wish, you can make your choice to any program’s keyboard shortcuts. Program to keep it on the desktop of your time and trouble will be released.
Let’s do it … Click on the start button , then the program will create a shortcut on the keyboard, the mouse , click the right button properties click the shortcut key , click on the box that the computer keyboard, press the Enter key to open the program with .
Mozila firebox for you to create the shortcut key for the M press the CTRL ALT M have the means to open mozila firebox press CTRL ALT M to be together, it will be open mozila

Configure your own team at ODesk….

Means you have more than one team to the formation of you can hire people .You do have to hire a elder brother from the first, but I can not hire you if you have a
The last thing you two. Much as you are happy to be able to hire people.If you want to have a team of 10-15 people you can hire them to work together. They hire directly from this link and then click on ODesk go in and make you would like to hire.ODesk team can work with the software. They direct your dollars will be added to your account ODesk .Those who do not have accounts at ODesk.
ODesk the account from which they urgently .Those who want to work at ODesk ODesk that they can work with.You at ODesk.You must have an account. And post jobs on ODesk can work from .Again in the same way elder brother worker at ODesk
The work for hire to take.

Helpless in the snow.

I finished that, and remembered I had an old car cover.I’m all proud of myself, putting this cover on, when I realize the antenna was in the way.Being the woman that I am, I tried to push it down, but to no avail. My question to you is how do I retract this antenna?Because it looks ridiculous as it is now haha

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