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Best Laid Incentives Plan

Paper details Under the subheading PROVIDERS there is a graph I need to interpret. The three questions I need answered are what the alternatives are, the strengths and weaknesses are, and the criteria (reach and exposure). The paragraph does not need to be the full 275 words, but at least 150. I attached the word doc that the case study project is on, and my part is on page 6 and its highlighted. It would be appreciated if you can write the paragraph on a separate doc. I also attached the case study if you need it.

Best Laid Incentives Plan

Paper details Please see the attached article and answer the questions below:
1. What approaches to strategic control has the firm used? •
Traditional vs. contemporary
Informational vs. behavioral
2. What are the top three issues at the firm? (Focus on root causes.)
3. What are the first three actions you would take to address your issues?
4. What SMART objectives would measure the effectiveness of your actions?

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