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BUS 475 (Please answer each section freshlly in 200 words each)

Provide an example of an organization that has failed to achieve competitive success as the result of failed planning.What organizational changes do you think could/should have been made in the failed business example you provided to help with success?Provide support, reasoning, and references for your response as needed.
What are the different types of strategies? What are the differences among these strategies? How do you determine which type of strategy is most appropriate for your organization?

OMM 614 Innovation and Entrepreneurship

e. machines replacing workers, new skills required due to technological innovation, etc.). Should entrepreneurs be concerned with the possibility that his/her innovation might eliminate the need for certain skills or result in the loss of jobs? Respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings.  325 to 375 words, with citations and references required

ACC/561 Substantive Post

Why do you think this is the case?.2. Activity based costing involves evaluating and assigning cost to every activity that produces a product such as purchasing, storing, machining, and supervising. Additionally, the drivers of costs are also considered. Activities or things that impact costs are cost drivers. How does a company evaluate and assign cost? How do they determine appropriate cost drivers?3. What do you think is the biggest adjustment for companies changing from traditional costing to activity based costing?4.The difference between traditional costing and activity based costing is that traditional costing excludes expenses that are not a result of nonmanufacturingDo you think these costs should be included? Why or why not?5. One benefit of traditional costing is the ease of implementation. Can you think of any other benefits?6. Although we recognize this is an accounting class, I have a general question. What is the difference between a job and a process? 

Why does the significance level differ among industries?

01 than ? = 0.10? As the significance level increases to ? =
0.10 from ? = 0.01, which type error is more likely to occur? What can be done
to reduce the likelihood of incurring this error?

HUM DQ help

Describe the message you think the soldier poet was trying to convey in his poetry.
Explain whether you think the poetry gives a reader an accurate depiction of the true meaning and impact of war on the average soldier and his family, especially during the WW I era.
Describe what words or phrases the poets use to get the reader to “see” and “feel” the same experiences. Is this possible?
Explain whether you think artistic works such as these poems would be successful or popular today. How do you think audiences would react to poetry written by U.S. soldiers stationed in Afghanistan or Iraq?

Discussion 2: Harlem Renaissance  Identify points in Countee Cullen’s poem Heritage or another poem of the Harlem Renaissance in which you see evidence of the notion of double-consciousness. Explain whether this notion is relevant to experiences of contemporary audiences.
Of the various authors, artists, and musicians who lived during the Harlem Renaissance, identify whose autograph you would most want and explain why.
Explain the appeal of Harlem’s nightlife to whites, especially during Prohibition. Discuss whether you consider the cross-over appeal of Hip-Hop culture a similar cultural phenomenon today.

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