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Bus520 week 1 Discussion Question 2

docx From the vignette, “The Tonight Show: Things Don’t
Always Go as Planned”, examine the different mishaps and mistakes that
were made on the show. Propose three ways that these mishaps could have
been avoided.

Consider a time where you have acted as a leader in the
past and had to mitigate an issue. Examine how you resolved the issue. If
the issue was not resolved, examine the steps you took to address the
issue and determine a new approach that may have helped you to resolve the

See attachment to read “The Tonight Show”

Demand curve for a product

Many factors influence the demand curve for a product, and they all must be included, to some degree, in estimating the demand curve. Define the following factors and discuss how they can affect the demand curve for a product:
Inferior versus normal goods
Substitution and income effects
Derived demand
Changes in demand and changes in quantity demanded

The Global Economic Crisis

197. Discuss the credit default swaps and the effects it had on the financial crisis.
Insuring with Credit Default Swaps:  Let the Buyer Beware!
Recall that a credit default swap (CDS) is like an insurance policy.  The purchaser of the CDS agrees to make annual payments to a counterparty that agrees to pay if a particular bond defaults.  During the 2000s, investment banks often would purchase CDS for the mortgage-backed securities (MBS) they were creating in order to make the securities more attractive to investors.  But how good was this type of insurance?  As it turned out, not very.  For example, Lehman Brothers might have brought a CDS from AIG in order to sell a Lehman-created MBS to an investor.  But when the MBS began defaulting, neither Lehman nor AIG was capable of making full restitution to the investor.
Only need a 75-150 word discussion on this topic.

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Students are required to select and research oneof the forum topics listed below using a minimum of 3 reference sources inaddition to the textbook and then write a 1,000-word or more response tothe forum topic. APA format is required. Also submit your forum topic response toTurnitin through the Weekly Materials/Week 2/Assignment Submission folder forgrading.
Comprehensive forum topic responsecontributions will be critically graded on the thought quality of the response,work effort, research, APA format, and analysis. Refer to the rubric for thisassignment in the Syllabus section of Blackboard.
Select one of the following forumtopics to research and write about.
Week 2 Forum Topics – Chapter 2: Financial Statements, Cash Flow, and Taxes; Chapter3: Analysis of Financial Statements
-The Income Statement
-The Balance Sheet
-The Importance of Cash Flow to aCorporation
-The Federal Income Tax System (WebExtension 2A)
-Ratios and Ratio Analysis

Appointment scheduling is at the heart of the medical practice

  What does this mean and why is appointment scheduling
so important?  Discuss the difficulties of scheduling and how the
process can be more efficient.  With the transition to Electronic Health
Records, medical offices have been going paperless and implementing
Practice Management Systems.  Discuss the advantages of using a
computer-based appointment system versus a paper appointment book.

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