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Paper details I will upload the file that my professor gave me. Please follow the directions and read carefully, because my first writer didn’t do a great job at reading the directions. She’s a strict professor. Read each question and answer it with at least 3 to 4 paragraphs. Again read the instructions from the file that I’m going to send you. The book name that she said is based on chapter one is (Invitation to the Life Span by Kathleen Stassen Berger Fourth edition.) Once again read instructions carefully. References must be from the book ONLY. If you need anything else let me know. Answer each question carefully. Please and thank you.


Paper details WRITTEN REPORT: Each student will submit a case conceptualization and treatment plan for a current family, discuss the family’s treatment process from initial intake and assessment through termination. Your discussion should include the couple’s or family’s case history, a genogram, a circular/contextual description of the system’s interactions (consider reciprocal ecosystem influences, vertical and horizontal stressors, and life cycle stages), the hypotheses you are exploring about the client and their processes, possible goals for counseling, and a description of applicable strategies and techniques with a theory-based rationale for the interventions you suggest.

1. Demographics: Students willtell the story of the family by providing demographic information such as: personal information about the person (age, gender, race, marital status, sexual orientation, employment), how did the person come to you (mandate, with a family member or friend, by self, under what push), presenting problem(s) (why did he/she say she was coming). Keep it brief (one to two paragraphs maximum)
2 . DSM-5 diagnosis. List the DSM-5 diagnosis and rationale. Provide differential diagnosis and rationale.
3. Conceptualization through a Family Theory theoretical lens.
4.What are the family’s strengths and resources? What are some challenges faced by the family?
5. What are the cultural implications (incorporate both positive and negative): Culture includes a consideration of race, ethnicity, age, SES, disabilities, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, role (such as employment status, culture of profession, individuals working from home)
6. Interventions should be based on Family theory, diagnosis, level of functioning (the higher the functioning the more cognitive work), age, culture, individual preference, and ability for client to succeed. Interventions should be identified in initial (crisis and case management needs), middle (therapeutic interventions), and termination phases (include prognosis) or how long you believe the family will need treatment.
7. Self-reflection: What issues might you have with this family and what issues might the family have with you? This section provides an opportunity to incorporate issues of self-awareness and professional development. Students should consider any potential assumptions or biases you may have toward this type of family. Does a potential for countertransference exist? What type of support could you use to move past this to be an effective clinician. (I’m a black female)

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