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case study

One hundred and sixteen limited partners, who had invested $13 million in three private placements, sued the accounting firm Touche Ross, among others, for securities fraud. They alleged that Touche Ross had failed to disclose that David Greenberg was a convicted felon; that his twelve-year-old son was the sole officer, director, and shareholder of one of the corporations that served as a general partner; and that the principals used fraudulent invoices and made fraudulent claims against insurance companies.
The limited partners further claimed that Touche Ross had prepared the materially misleading financial projections attached as exhibits to the offering memoranda. Touche Ross did not issue an opinion or certification regarding any part of the offering documents.
Attached to each of the projections that Touche Ross issued was a letter stating that the projection was based on management’s “knowledge and belief,” cautioning that the projection “does not include an evaluation of the support for the assumptions underlying the projections.”
Search the Internet and read the complete case of Shapiro v. Cantor, 123 F.3d 717 (2d Cir. 1997).
Is Touche Ross responsible for disclosing the criminal history of one of its principals? If so, how? If no, why? To what extent, if any, must Touche Ross report to the officers, directors, and shareholders of the corporations that served as general partners? Why? Is Touche Ross responsible for reporting a principal who used fraudulent invoices and claims against insurance companies? Why or why not? Is the projection as issued by Touche Ross materially misleading? Why or why not? To what extent, if any, is Touche Ross liable under Section 10(b) to the limited partners?

Organizational Change – Task need ASAP

StDetails:Planned change management programs that are attempting to make large-system cultural changes in an organization are among the most difficult to manage. When addressing cultural issues, it is important to understand the current large-system and subsystem cultures, plan for a process that leads to a new cultural norm, and determine what steps to take to transition the culture.
One example of a large cultural shift might be an organization growing from being a family-owned, small-to-midsize organization to a publicly traded organization with international locations. Create a presentation that addresses the following issues associated with such a change:
What steps would you take to diagnose the current culture?
Discuss the elements of an organizational culture.
How would you identify which elements of culture need to be addressed in this large system change?
What recommendations do you have for the organization as it manages the system changes as they relate to culture?

Use organization development process skills, such as providing support, relaying feedback and observations, and reflecting feelings.Apply a systematic diagnosis to organizational situations.Diagnose the resistant forces in organization change. 
Class is HRM445-1303B-04
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Benetton outsources most of its production and most of its retail outlets are owned and operated by franchisees. Which is a superior system?
Answer needs to be 75 – 100 words

NTC/405 assistance

Research options for improving the current use
of TCP/IP and recommend new software and equipment that’s available.

Describe how use of equipment, software, and
multiplexing could aid in improving use for communications which would reduce
network congestion. 

APA formatting for the paper

2 page essay

Be sure to answer each
part of the question you choose, and remember that your grammar, mechanics and
organization of ideas will be used to determine your score.

What is the main conflict in Jackson’s narrative, “The Lottery?”
How do the members of the community work to overcome this issue? What else
could these people do to make life better for themselves? Use evidence from the
story to support your answer.

The Lottery
Essay Paper

All papers must be typed (12 pt. font, double-spaced).

All papers must be in Times New Roman font.

All papers must be completed in MLA format.

Task is due 9/9/13 by the end of the day.

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