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cause and effect paper/ topic What are the effects of the abortion ban?

Paper details A cause and effect essay looks at why/what happened in relation to a given topic, that is what events lead to specific results.

To begin this assignment, you’ll want to pick a topic for your essay.

Here is a great resource that lists multiple to pick from: (Links to an external site.)

If you don’t like any of these topics, you can come up with your own, but check with your instructor if you pick your own topic to ensure it will work for the cause/effect essay genre.

After picking a topic, you should begin listing the causes/effects surrounding your topic and brainstorm ideas for your essay and begin drafting a rough draft.

This cause and effect essay requires that you use 2 sources that you find to support your ideas in the cause/effect essay that you write. The way you use sources and what sources you pick is entirely up to you.

You should think about these 2 sources as being supplemental, that is they should support your ideas on the cause/effect essay topic you pick. You should use the sources you find sparingly in your text.

For example, include 1 paraphrase, summary or quotation from each source so that your essay only has 2 places where sources are used and the rest of the essay is written in your own language and about your own ideas.


3 pages of text (not including the title page or references page)
12 pt. font
1” margins, typed, double-spaced
2 credible sources (make sure you use in-text citations!)
APA documentation style and page formatting for all pages
List the 2 required source you choose on a separate references page cited in APA format and placed on a separate page at the end of your essay
Use in-text citations for any source information you use; whether you paraphrase, summarize or directly quote

impact of power and organizational politics in the work environment.

Paper details – This paper must be between 2 and 4 pages in length
– You should cite a minimum of 3 sources (the textbook and unit readings/lectures/multimedia are acceptable)
– The following sources should not be used: Wikipedia (or any Wiki), UK Essays, Business Dictionary,, Non-professional Blogs – or anything similar to these.
– APA formatting should be used at all times including in text citations and references.
– Formatting should be as follows: Cover page, running head, 12 point font, Times New Roman Font, 1″ margins

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