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Cause of accusation discussion

”  What does this mean?  The 6th Amendment requires that the defendant may use the power of the court to compel witnesses to appear if they are needed for his defense. c. “…a right to be assumed innocent until proven guilty, a right against arrest without the probation … and also a right to a fair questioning by police”.  None of this is anywhere in the Constitution including the Bill of Rights. Can anyone find anything to help me answer these thanks

Analytical Models and Automated Rule SystemsOverview Modeling can be a very difficult topic and is as much an art as a science. When making decisions or solving business problems it can be helpful to

When making decisions or solving business problems it can be helpful to construct a diagram that can aid a decision maker with a model of a situation even solving it. In this assignment you will construct diagrams of time-proven models and methodologies related to optimization, search methods, heuristic programming, and simulation.
In many cases, results of predictive models or even optimization models get simplified as rules that are then implemented in other applications. You will also analyze how your models can be supported by applications of automated rule systems and expert system technologies.
In a 5–6 page paper (including graphics), create either an influence diagram or a flow-diagram for the following:
Construct an analytical model for a linear programming problem.
Construct an analytical model using the analytic hierarchy process.
Formulate a model for a heuristic search method.
Formulate a model using a simulation method for decision support.
In your paper you should create and explain a business situation for each model, develop a graphic, and discuss the relevant aspects of the model. You should conclude your paper with a discussion on how automated rule systems and expert system technologies can be used in your models.
Submission Requirements
As you complete your assignment, be sure your paper meets the following guidelines:
Written communication: Writing is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
Scholarship: Use at least four outside sources to support your main points and analysis.
APA formatting: All resources and citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting guidelines.
Length: 5–6 typed, double-spaced pages (including graphics).
Font: Times New Roman, 12 point.

I need a response of a minimal 200 word of your opinion of the post below backed by references. he simple answer is that if you are not online and actively managing your online presence, you are losi

he simple answer is that if you are not online and actively managing your online presence, you are losing customers. Consumers are constantly looking online for answers to their questions. Can your company do this? Will this part fit my 1996 Toyota? How are their Google reviews?
The internet provides a platform where anyone can share their experience concerning a company and their products and services. There was a period where a negative review could hurt a company greatly, but more often than not the reviewer is screen captured, mocked on social media, and the company receives more business due to the exposure. By closely monitoring your company’s presence on the internet, one can quickly and effectively combat against negative reviews.
With so many people glued to their screens and online marketing algorithms becoming more and more savvy. Consumers will tend to do the same things as their friends, family, and often just people they are nearby. “Essentially, a complex algorithm is “listening” to us, just not using microphones.” (Selman, 2021). I found this article very interesting because many people think that it is the words they say, not the locations and people they are around that are establishing the advertisements you see. This is an effective way to keep your company and products in the mind of a consumer who interacts with another person.
Selman, H. (2021, January 22). Why we see digital ads after talking about something

Discuss the difference between accepting a payment online versus in person

Be sure to answer the following questions: a. How do you believe payment system benefits, complications, and complexity can help or hinder new online business owners from establishing a business online? Compare and contrast new owner scenarios with large and established businesses. 

I need you to respond to the post below in your opinion and explaining the rational of your opinion with references in 200 words. The Internet has changed the way consumers purchase products. As our

The Internet has changed the way consumers purchase products. As our textbook explains, there are several online consumer segments: Upscale Clicks and Bricks, Virtual Shoppers, Status Strivers, Mall Maniacs, Just the Essentials, and Original Traditionalists (Mothersbaugh, 2016, p.585). For a business to target the correct consumer segment, they need to understand the online habits of their consumers. A business must determine where their customers will likely frequent and how they will shop online, to determine where their digital marketing dollars are best spent. You can’t target your correct audience if you don’t know who or where they are. For example, a company who produces fur coats would not want their ad banner displayed on a website or as an ad in a search shown to someone who supports PETA.
      Understanding which segment(s) your consumer is aligned with, will help you better understand what your target audience is looking for, and how you can be solve their consumer problem. Once a business knows who they are speaking to, they can adjust their website design to entice their target segment and adjust any digital marketing banners or Google ads they may create to ensure they are speaking to their target audience instead of the mass user of the website or search engine. If a business determines their target segment are Virtual Shoppers who “tend to use the Internet to find good deals” (Mothersbaugh, 2016, p.585), the business would be wise to advertise their product on money-saving websites such as Groupon. They could also post of their business’ social media, or run an ad to their target audience on social media, that would direct the consumer to an exclusive on their website. While digital marketing efforts can sometimes be hit or miss, the real-time feedback a marketer receives can help them determine where their dollars are best spent and allow them to quickly change strategies to maximize visibility to their target audience.

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