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Child Learning

Currently, your staff members rely heavily on
direct, whole-group instruction to teach children new concepts.  Your
job is to encourage teachers to create more child-centered,
developmentally appropriate classroom environments by demonstrating the
benefits of child-centered learning.
In your post you will first describe a traditional, direct instruction
activity and its learning outcome (e.g., students will read a book about
plants and name the parts of a plant). Then describe how teachers could
meet the same outcome using a child-directed strategy. These strategies
include exploratory play, guided discovery, problem solving, and
discussions. You may choose to include a Youtube video of your
strategy/activity and include a private link so we can view it. Please
do not include children in your video.

Returning a pointer from a function

The arguments are passed to the subroutine in this order. The integer variable passed as an argument holds the number of elements in an array, while the actual array holds the number of integers specified by the variable. The subroutine must go through the table and return the address of the element holding the smallest value to the calling program. After receiving the address, the main program uses it to print the smallest number contained in the array. The prototype of the subroutine is the following: int *address_of_smallest_value(int *numbers, int size); In the above, the * operator indicates that the function’s return value is a pointer. Example output The smallest number in the array is: 3

5–7 slides (excl. Title and Reference slides, min. 4 references); Speaker notes

Research and apply the course
theories to a real organization, either an organization that you work
for or an organization that you are able to research and find the
information for this assignment.To demonstrate how HR interacts
with employees in many aspects of their work lives, choose a position
within the organization that represents a large portion of the
workforce.Prepare a presentation for a training session for HR employees that addresses the following:Describe the different functions that HR plays within your organization, including the following:Staffing managementTraining and developmentCompensation and benefitsLabor and employee relationsDiscuss how the HR department is involved in all aspects of employment, using the primary HR disciplines of the following:Staffing managementTraining and developmentCompensation and benefitsLabor and employee relationsDescribe how the HR department supports the strategic goals of the organization.

Family Matters in Healthy communities

 Family Matters offers information about parenting, child development, sibling relationships, marriage and family communication, grandparenting, aunting and uncling, and many other topics chosen with an eye toward strengthening family bonds.

Honda Motor Company Case Study

The marketing group estimates that this rebate will increase sales over the
next year from $42,000 to $58,000 vehicles. Honda’s profit margin with the rebate
is $4,000 per vehicle.  If the change in sales is the only consequence of
this decision, what are its benefits and costs? Is it a good idea

The benefits are $29.4 million. (round to 1 decimal)

Profit if (a) Honda had not given the rebate, it would
have earned a profit of $7000  per
minivan. Sales= 42,000——— Hence total profit= 42000 x 7000 =29.4 million

. With the rebate, its sales increase but profit

Here profit= 4000PER VEHICLE X 16,000 ADDITIONAL


2. Suppose the current market price of corn is $4.48
per bushel, your firm has a technology that can convert, 1 bushel of corn 3
gallon of ethanol. If the cost of conversion is $ 1.71 per bushel, at
what  market price of ethanol does conversion become attractive?

The price at which the con version becomes attractive is$
____________ per gallon. (round to nearest cent.). The breakeven point is $
______ /gallon of ethanol. Beyond that anything is acceptable to make a profit

3. Suppose the risk-free interest rate is 4%

  A. Having $200 today is equivalent to having
what amount in one year?

  It is equivalent to having $_______________ in
one year.(round to the nearest cent.)

5. Your firm has identified three potential investment
projects. The project and their cash flows are shown below:

Project  Cash Flow Today Millions  Cash Flow
in One Year Million

A.  -$15.00  $15.00

B.  $2.00  $2.00

C.  $15.00  -$15.00

Supposed all cash flow are certain and the risk-free,
interest rate is 5%.

A.  What is the NPA of each project?

The NPV of project A is$______ million. (round to 2 decimal places)

6. What is the present value of $8,000 received

  A. 14 years from today when the interest rate
is 10% per year.=

  B. 23 years from today when the interest rate
is 12% per year?=

  c.  7 years from today when the interest rate 5%
per year?=

a. The present value is $___________. (round to the nearest dollar.)

First Year _________A

Second Year ______B

Third Year =_______C

8. Suppose you receive $100 at the end of each year
for the next three years

A. If the interest rate is 8%, what is the present
value of these cash flows?

The present value of these cash flows is $ ____________(round
to the nearest cent.)

9. You have just received a windfall from an
investment you made in a friend’s business. He will be paying you $11,000 at
the end of this year, $22,000 at the end of the following years, and $33,000 at
the end of the year. After that (three years from today). The interest rate is
6.0% per year(round to the nearest

A. What is the present value of your windfall?_______. (round to the nearest dollars.)

Here is the
cash flow timeline for part(a):

Year )  0  1  2  3

Cash Flow
PV=?  11,00  22,000 

The present
value of your windfall is $____________.(round to the nearesr dollar.)

The present
value of your windfall is found by using this formula:

C2  C3


  (1 r) (1 r)2 (1 r)3

B. What is the
future value of your windfall in three years(round to the date of the last

The future
value of your windfall in three years is $_______.(round to the nearest

Here is the
cash flow timeline for part (b):

  0  1  2  3


Cash Flow  11,000  22,000  33,000


The future
value value of your windfall in three years is $_________.(round to the nearest

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