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Citizen Science Project

Paper details Citizen Science Project

What is citizen science? Why are an increasing number of projects becoming available which invite citizen participation in scientific research? What are possible connections between citizen science and science literacy—sustainable connections? In this project, you will have the opportunity to participate in a citizen science project and discover answers to these questions, and many more…..

Visit Zooniverse——and select three projects related to environmental science to participate in.

Read through the background information related to your projects and follow the project data collection instructions.

Write an 8-10 page report reflecting on your experience. Include the following sections in your report:

Citizen Science

What is citizen science? Why are an increasing number of projects becoming available which invite citizen participation in scientific research? What are possible

connections between citizen science and science literacy—sustainable connections?

Project Description

Which projects did you participate in? What is the purpose of the research?

Project Experience

What activities did you engage in? What was your overall experience like? Do you feel you have a better understanding of the topic covered in the research now that you have participated in research dedicated to that topic?

Future Citizen Science Project

Think of a topic related to the environment that you feel would make a good citizen science project. What would the delivery of that project look like—research question? activities? participants? etc.

Reflection Questions

Paper details 1. Describe a collaborative initiative you have engaged in to address the instructional needs of the students in your school. What was your role? What were the challenges and successes of this initiative? What are some next steps identified by the group? How did your group assess their progress?

2. Describe an aspect of your teaching practice that you have tried to strengthen this year. What domain(s) and elements of Danielson does this teaching practice reflect? Why did you select this practice? What steps did you take and what is some concrete evidence of your growth? What challenges did you overcome?

health paper

Paper details Useful Resources:

APA Citation Guide download
The purpose of this assignment is to gain global health perspective of public health topics and to learn how to write a public health goal statement. See link below for a list of countries/health topics (no other alternative countries/topics allowed). Students will then write a brief paper fulfilling all of the requirements below.

Global Health paper topics download- You must choose a topic from this list. No other topics will be allowed!
LIST: Abortion in India
Alcoholism in Australia
Arsenic Poisoning in Bangladesh
Colorectal Cancer in Canada
COVID-19 in the country of your choice (just be
sure you can find a peer-reviewed journal article with the
required information, see assignment instructions)
Depression in New Zealand
Domestic Violence in Fiji
Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Female genital mutilation in Egypt
Heart Disease in China
HIV in Swaziland (Africa)
Homicide in Honduras
Hypertension in Jamaica
Indoor air pollution in Nepal
Infant mortality in Afghanistan
Lung cancer in Hungary
Malaria in Uganda
Motor Vehicle Accidents in Kuwait
Obesity in Mexico
Outdoor Air Pollution in Italy
Pesticide poisoning in Zimbabwe
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Haiti
Tuberculosis in Indonesia
Zika in Venezuela

Technical Requirements:

500-750 words (not including in text citations or reference list)
Double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1” margins, essay format
Less than 20% of the word count should be direct quotes
Submit to the correct link in assignments. This uploads your paper to TurnItIn a plagiarism detection device. See plagiarism information under Institutional Policies.
Correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure
Use APA referencing style. Must cite all sources of information. See APA Style Citation Guide in Canvas.
Do not need to include APA formatting (for example, title page, running head, or abstract)
All information must be accurate
Use current (within 10 years), peer-reviewed journal articles (example: Journal of the American Medical Association) or non-partisan data (example: World Health Organization). Be wary of non-credible sources or biased sources.
1 reference must be a peer-reviewed journal article published within the past 10 years
All information must be from reputable and reliable academic sources
Note: Governmental publications, such as the MMWR, are credible but do not qualify as peer-reviewed journal articles. Peer-reviewed journal articles are externally reviewed for accuracy and content.
Students who submit a paper written on a topic other that one approved/assigned by the instructor will automatically receive a 50% point deduction.

Content Requirements:

Background information about the country in 1 paragraph (This is your introduction paragraph)
Include at least 3 different pieces of background information that are relevant to public health.
These 3 pieces of background information should be related to social, political, and economic determinants of health and how they contribute to population health and health inequities in your given country.
Some examples may include access to health services, population distribution by age, human rights and/or political issues, economic issues such as poverty, urban or rural distribution of population, social, religious, or cultural norms as it pertains to your topic. The connection to your topic should be made obvious.
This section should not deal directly with your health problem. Rather, it should help the reader understand your country from an outsider’s perspective, yet be relevant to public health, in general.

Brief description of the health problem in 1 – 2 paragraphs
First, define the health problem
Second, include risk factors (causes) and consequences (effects) for the health problem, specific to your country.
Last, include at least 2 pieces of epidemiologic data published within the past 10 years on the health issue and within the country of interest, which may include incidence rates, prevalence rates, and/or death rates. These two pieces of data should take the form of numbers.
At least one reference for this section must be from a peer-reviewed journal article published within the last 10 years.

Brief description of prevention strategies in 1 paragraph
Include at least 1 primary, 1 secondary, and 1 tertiary prevention strategy for this health issue in your country.
Identify each prevention strategy as primary, secondary or tertiary prevention.

Create an original goal statement (1-2 sentences) that addresses a way to improve the health problem/improve health. It must follow the structure as described below by being concise, measurable, specific, and realistic. In addition, it must include the following:
Who is the target population? All citizens of country does not represent a specific target population.
What is the health problem? Choose just one problem to address in your one
How much change (represented by a percent) do you anticipate? Tip: A 10% change within 10 years is a realistic goal.
By when will the change occur? This should be represented by a specific end date, not a range.
Realism. If you are unsure about a goal’s realism, I recommend you review goal statements from Healthy People 2020: (Links to an external site.)) (Links to an external site.)
Example goal statement for the problem of Hearing loss among German elderly adults, leading to social isolation:
Our goal is to improve the identification of hearing loss in elderly adults. German adults between the ages of 70 – 85 (who) will experience an increase hearing screenings (what) by 10% (how much) within the next 10 years (by when).
Notice the goal statement includes the 4 required components: who, what, how much, and by when. It is also realistic.

Conclusion paragraph: Now, we want to look more broadly at the impact of globalization on global burdens of disease.
Describe the impact of globalization on population health, broadly, not just specific to your chosen country.
Address how globalization helps and hinders health.

My topic is the common characteristics of trans affirming parenting.

Paper details The situation or issue that prompted me to search the literature is Parents of transgender children (POTC) may lack the knowledge or characteristics to affirm their gender variant child’s (GVC) transition.

The attached document is my approved prospectus. I am currently in need of my proposal and chapters 4 and 5 beinf completed

Mitigate Unconscious Bias With Strategic Intent

Paper details The Paper assignment begins with reading the information from Forbes at the link below, an article entitled: “Council Post: Nine Strategies to Keep Unconscious Bias out of your HR Department”. It is accessible here:

Directions: After reading the article, give thought and choose one of the nine strategies provided. Perform Internet research and identify at least four sources to further develop your chosen strategy. Compose a paper of approximately 8 to 10 pages developing your chosen strategy into an approach that an HR professional may use to mitigate unconscious bias.If you wish to narrow the focus of your guidance to an HR professional,focus on a select component of HR management such as recruitment hiring or promotions.

My paper topic is about number 6 from the article, Align All Business Activities with a Strategic Intent.It is important with sticking to the overall goal. By keeping the goal of the company in mind, decisions can be consistent for the organization and remain focused on the end goal along with keeping the people working toward the same goals. Paper must be in APA format.

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