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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Comparing Group, Family, and Individual Settings

Paper details I am a Registered Nurse that works in mental health and substance use disorders and the Emergency Room. I am in school as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Please use original thought, as it will be checked for plagiarism. Please use sources within 5 years. Thank you

2nd version – nursing leadership

Paper details Healthcare is reimbursed in a variety of ways. The prospective payment method is one of those ways. This paper will be about the prospective payment method where diagnosis-related groupings (DRGs) forms the basis for payment.

-Research and explain the origin, purpose, and description of DRGs.
-Include what payment is based on.
-Identify the benefits and problems with reimbursement via this method.
-Explain how you as a nurse-manager can help manage costs and maximize your facility’s reimbursement from DRGs.

The paper should contain an opening, a body, and a conclusion, and be 3-4 pages long.
Page requirement does not include the title or references page(s)
3-4 professional references are required.

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