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Paper details This unit covered the notion of the digital media environment we all live in, a mix of political content, 24/7 news and entertainment television. With more of our communication – and thus society – being done online, reflect on the implications of a world in which the people we interact with are increasingly depersonalized and detached from everyday experience. Using the episodes, readings, and class discussions, reflect on this relationship between self and society. What are some of the dangers when our interactions are through media, leading us to question what is real and what is for show? What are the forces of control that could seek to exploit such a situation, and is there any remedy? Is there anything from past examples of media depersonalization that can help us navigate our present and future? You don’t need to answer all of these questions. Go deep on one.
USE THE READINGS IN TEXT CITATION IN SOME WAY THROUGH THE PAPER. and if possible, incorporate ideas from the Black Mirror episode “The Waldo Moment”

The Story

Paper details A1: Write a Two Page Story: 100pts.
Before starting your assignment complete the reading assignment.
The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics – Pages 15-75
Worried about creating a comic, look through the comics in the Illustrated Scenes PDF in the Reading folder. These were comics created by students for a course similiar to this.
Use Denny O’Neils “Heavy-Duty, Industrial-Strength Structure for a Single-Issue Comic Book Story” formula from the reading. “The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics “, to write a tight two page story.
It can be about anything, but know that you will be creating the visuals for it in the next assignment.
Use the standard comic book structure for the script. Use the example from page 18 in “The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics ” I have also inculded a few other comic scripts that I have written for examples.
The assignment should be turned in in PDF format.

Writer: I would like my assignment to be about Private investigating. A female private investigator. You can elaborate a story around it.

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