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Paper details Implement critical thinking and research strategies for clear communication of written ideas.


Produce a complete 2-4 page paper in which you do a comparison and contrast between driverless cars and/or traditionally driven cars. Be sure to define your reason for writing (thesis), and treat both ideas equally as to pros and cons, costs to promote, validity, efficiency to use, probability of success, and manpower requirements, etc. Your paper should contain an introductory paragraph, thesis statement, body paragraphs each supporting a major idea regarding your point for writing, and a concluding paragraph to wrap-up the paper and signal the completion of your support for your reason for writing.

Although actual research is not a part of this assignment, provide a brief statement at the beginning of the assignment explaining how you would have gone about finding and providing support for your paper.

Responding to Literature

Paper details 1.Write a dramatic monologue, in either prose or poetry, in the voice of Duches. Please read Elizabeth Barret Browning “My Last Duchess.” Base your monologue on an imaginary incident that could have occured between her and the Duke-or one that the Duke himself mentions-and take into account the personality of both the Duchess and the Duke. Your monologue should be at least two paragraphs long, or ten line of petry.
2. Read the last sentence of the poem. Do you find it an effective conclusion? What -if anything-might the speaker intend to convey with such a comment? How does the comment support or detract from the overall message of the poem? In a paragraph, discuss whether or not this ending is effective and consistent or ineffective and inconsistant.
3. Assume that the emissary is an insightful person. What kind of an impression do you think the Duke is making? Be sure to use specific examples to support your claims.
4. What do you think of the Duke’s assessments of his Duchess? What problems do you have with his assessment? Do you think his assessment is objective? Why or why not?

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