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Consider the historic “ingredients” of the Renaissance and explain how and why they led to innovations associated with the Renaissance as well

Consider the historic “ingredients” of the Renaissance and explain how and why they led to innovations associated with the Renaissance as well as some sharp differences between Southern and Northern Europe. The Renaissance did not just appear from nowhere.  While it does represent a new and distinct period in history, it is in many ways a culmination of what came before.  The word “renaissance” means rebirth, and the period known as the Renaissance was a rebirth of Greco-Roman ideas.  However, the ideas and culture of the Middle Ages, especially the Late Middle Ages, also contributed significantly to the Renaissance.  The task is: to identify and explain the historic ingredients that led to the Renaissance; to explain the “how?” and “why?” of Renaissance innovations; and, finally, to explain why there were cultural differences between Southern and Northern Europe during the Renaissance. Given the length of this paper, you must be very clear and concise – do not go off on tangents.  Focus on concepts and illustrate them with specific examples.  Most importantly, the paper must reveal your thinking – do not simply repeat what happened in history. The paper must meet the following requirements: Length: at least 9 full pages of text – you can write more, but it will not necessarily affect your grade (bibliography does NOT count toward page total, and no title page is necessary).  If you use a direct quote or paraphrase, or someone else’s analysis or ideas, it has to be cited.  Do not use quotes from books or any other sources for the narrative component of your paper – quotes are only used as evidence to back up your arguments, and even then, only when necessary (in other words, VERY sparingly). Plagiarism is the act of claiming the work of others as your own.  If you use a direct quote, a paraphrase, or someone else’s analysis or ideas, you MUST cite the source.  In short, wherever you get your material, you must provide a citation.  With direct quotes, place your citation within the paragraph.  Otherwise, you can place a citation at the end of the paragraph and list all of your sources in the note.  Failure to do this will result at minimum of a failing grade for the paper, and at maximum of failure for the course – it is my sole decision, and either are possible and final. I will not accept any excuses from anyone that they do not know what plagiarism is, or its consequences.  I will only accept Chicago style citations (yes, that means no MLA or APA) – see below for details. Paper format:  Your paper must adhere to the following format guidelines: Put your name on the first line of the first page – begin your essay on the second line of the first page. You must use Times New Roman 12 font, double-spaced, with 1” margins on the top and bottom and 1.25” margins on the right and left.  To get those margins (in Microsoft Word or Works), click “Layout” and click the drop-down menu “Margins” – you might have to select “Custom margins” and put the appropriate numbers in the appropriate fields. Do not include extra spaces between paragraphs. Do not include pictures or lengthy quotes. In the Format/paragraph window, (in the “Indents and spacing” tab) make sure that the “Do not add space between paragraphs of the same style” box IS checked and that the spacing “Before” and “After” is set to 0 pt.  In the “Line and page breaks” tab, UNcheck “widow and orphan control.” To cite using Chicago style: at the point of citation, click the “References” tab then “Insert footnote.” Though not required, it does sometimes help to insert page numbers.

weight loss

Paper details Students are asked to read an original peer-reviewed scientific article from a scholarly journal in the field of nutrition and health.

Weight Loss Program.pdf
Answer the following questions after you read the entire research article:

1. Who is/are the author(s)? What credentials do they have listed if any?
2. What is the title of the study?
3. What journal is this article get published?
4. When was it published? Is it current enough (it is current if it is published within past 5 years)?
5. What research design is this study? i.e epidemiological, case study, animal study, clinical trial etc. Refer to your text Figure 1-5 to read upon more on more if needed. Research type usually can be found under “methodology” section within the research article.
6. How many subjects involved in the study? Is the study large enough that we should pay a closer attention to the results/findings?

7. Why do you think they conducted the study?

8. Any conflict of interest statement released in the article or any potential conflict of interest that you see?
9. Summarize what you learned from reading this article. Limit your answers to 50-100 words for this question.

10. How the information you read might be helpful to you or someone else you know? Limit your answers to 50-100 words for this question.


Go online to search an original peer-reviewed scientific journal article that is similar to the one you chose to review (one of the four articles above listed) in Part 1 of this assignment.

For example: If you read “Long-Term Effects of 4 Popular Diets on Weight Loss and Cardiovascular Risk Factors”. When you are ready to search a similar article, use key words such as diets, weight loss, cardiovascular.

If you are have trouble finding one, I highly recommend you to visit a librarian- great resource for this assignment!

Write up a summary after you read the second article. Complete the following items in your summary:

Compare the two articles, discuss 2 things in common between the articles and 2 things that are different from each other. ( 10 points)
Describe how you found/search the article for this assignment. (5 points)
Explain the experience and value of doing this assignment. How this experience might help you? (15 points)

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