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Contents of a Annual Report

Many of the customers are so pleased, in fact, that they are also buying shares in the company’s stock, which means that they receive a copy of the firm’s annual report. Unfortunately, questions sometimes arise that the marketing staff members are woefully inadequate at answering. Technical questions about the firm’s financial condition and performance are referred to the chief financial officer, but the director of marketing has asked you to write a memo in which you explain the key elements in an annual report so that marketing representatives are better prepared to respond to questions of a more general nature. Write a clear, concise memo (no more than 250 words) that describes the contents of an annual report so marketing personnel can understand the basic requirements of an annual report.

Assignment 1: Argument Mapping

Create an argument map based on the influence diagram presented in Case 1.3 and complete all the criteria provided in the exercise, beginning with this claim: “The U.S. should return to the 55- mph speed limit in order to conserve fuel and save lives.”  2. Include in the map as many warrants, backings, objections, and rebuttals as possible.3. Assume that the original qualifier was certainly; indicate whether the qualifier changes as we move from a simple, static, uncontested argument to a complex, dynamic and contested argument. (Note: Refer to Demonstration Exercise 3 located at the end of Chapter 8 for criterion 4.)4. Apply the argument mapping procedures presented in Chapter 8 to analyze the pros and cons (or strengths and weaknesses) of the recommendations that the United States should not intervene in the Balkans. (Refer to Demonstration Exercise 3 located at the end of Chapter 8.)(Note: Refer to Demonstration Exercise 4 located at the end of Chapter 8 for criteria 5-7.)5. Write an analysis of 1-2 pages that uses critical thinking to assess the overall plausibility of the claim: “The conflict in Bosnia is somebody else’s trouble. The U.S. should not intervene militarily.” 6. Complete an argument map to illustrate your analysis. 7. Provide at least two (2) academic or government resources to support your views regarding the proposed U.S. response to the conflict in Bosnia. (Note: Do not use open source Websites such Wikipedia,,, and similar Websites are not acceptable resources.) 

Psy 301 Social Psychology W2 D2

What are attributions, and how do we use them in our daily lives? Discuss the differences between internal and external attributions and describe the fundamental attribution error.  For example, what would be the explanatory style of a person who makes internal, stable, and global attributions for positive things and external, unstable, and specific attributions for negative things? Also consider the individual who does the opposite; what does this behavior tell us about the person? 


You have
the puppy for six months and the Vet tells you that the
puppy needs major corrective surgery that will cost $5,000.
You go back to Pets ‘R Us and demand a refund. They agree,
but, per the terms of your contract, they demand that you
return the puppy in order to receive your refund. 
–> Is that
requirement (of surrendering the pet) unconscionable under UCC
2-302? Why or why     not?
CHAPTER 21 – Consumer Protection Law 
** 200 – 250 words 100% Plagiarism free Original work*** 
enter into a contract to purchase a snow thrower from Jake’s
Appliances. On the first large snow of the season you happily pull
out your new snow thrower and get to work on your lengthy
driveway and sidewalks. After a few feet the machine stops
working and you can’t get it re-started. You put it back in the
garage and commence to shoveling the snow by hand. Midway
through the task, you pull your back and end up in the
hospital for 7 days. Also, because you don’t get your walks
shoveled, you are fined by the city. Additionally, after
putting the machine in the garage, it’s starter shorts, causes
sparks and your garage is burned to the ground. What claims for damages might you have? What types of damages will you claim?

Psy 301 Social Psychology W2 D1

  If someone has a negative attitude toward a particular individual or group, for example, what are the potential implications of their behavior toward that individual or group? How do implicit and explicit attitudes differ? Go to the Project Implicit website and take the Implicit Association Test (  Choose any test within the demonstration category.  After retrieving the results of your test, share them with your classmates and consider their accuracy. Were you surprised by your results? Do they accurately portray your attitude toward the group? Do you think these types of tests are reliable in measuring prejudice? Please explain your answer. 

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