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Contraindicated Exercises (Min. 500 words) **must be original**

Then list the contraindicated exercises
and explain the benefits to risk ratio, i.e.: why they were wrong, what could
be the long term effects of those exercises, and what exercises would be safer.


Companies normally issue these reports to the stockholders and other interested parties. These reports summarize the company’s operating activities for the past year and plans for the future. There are many variations in the order and form for presenting the major sections of the annual report. Each week you will be addressing a different aspect of accounting and the business planning process. In the final project, you will use information gained from the weekly projects along with information obtained through research. These reports will be completed in Microsoft Word following APA format, and will require you to disclose your references. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: For purposes of this Final Project, you will use the Financial Data and ratios for the “Rainbow Paint Company.” This data is found in Unit 4 and is the “Review” problem. That data includes a Comparative Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Statement of retained Earnings. You were given an opportunity to complete 19 different ratios for the Practice Set. All of that information is available for inclusion in this Final Project. You will NOT be using the Quixote Company data in this Final Project. The “Rainbow Paint Company” financial data and ratios will offer a much broader opportunity to present a more robust Annual Report than the Qui
xote Company data would. The Rainbow Paint Company data includes a full set of comparative financial statements for 2 years, whereas the Quixote Company data only presents start-up data for one month of operation.

Optimal transportation of goods in a supply chain

Consider the following example that demonstratesoptimization of transportation.
There are production facilities in Battle Creek, CherryCreek, and Dee Creek with annual
capacities of 500 units, 400 units, and 600 units,respectively. The annual demands at
warehouses in Worchester, Dorchester, and Rochester are 300units, 700 units, and 400
units, respectively. The table below gives the unittransportation costs between the
production facilities and the warehouses.
Worchester Dorchester Rochester
Battle Creek $20/unit $30/unit $13/unit
Cherry Creek $10/unit $5/unit $17/unit
Dee Creek $15/unit $12/unit $45/unit
How much of the demand at each of the warehouses must be metby each of the production facilities?
This problem can be modeled as a linear programming model asfollows:
Decision Variables
Xbw = # of units to be transported from Battle Creek toWorchester
Xcw = # of units to be transported from Cherry Creek toWorchester
Xdw = # of units to be transported from Dee Creek toWorchester
Xbd = # of units to be transported from Battle Creek toDorchester
Xcd = # of units to be transported from Cherry Creek toDorchester
Refer to the example in theModule Seven lecture document. Solve the linear programming model using theMicrosoft Excel Solver tool

HIS/135 Korean War Essay.

On the basis of the outcomes of the war, argue in 300-350 words whether or not Truman’s response to the North Korean invasion in June 1950 was justified.

Hypertension (Min. 500 words) **must be original**

This evaluation is to be done only if medically approved. The purpose of this
learning experience is to understand the bodies’ basic response to exercise.
Take a resting blood pressure. After taking the blood pressure take your blood
pressure while doing moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise. On another occasion
take your blood pressure after doing mild- moderate arm curls, also mild-
moderate bench press, then take your blood pressure after doing mild to
moderate leg extension and leg press. Explain what happened and why the reading
might have been different. See what happens when you hold your breath. Consider
what influence supine has over seated bench press, or seated leg press vs.
inverted leg press. After doing this self-evaluation design a comprehensive
exercise program for a hypertensive 50 year old male with a resting BP of
145/92. Explain why every exercise is included.

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