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What are the terms of juvenile aftercare in your own state? 
If a juvenile offender violates the law again, is he or she sent back to the juvenile facility? 
Who determines this? 
Compare and contrast your responses with classmates’.


 Overhead costs are traced to departments, then costs are traced to products.
 Overhead costs are traced directly to products.
 Overhead costs are traced to activities, then costs are traced to products.

(TCO 8) All of the following are unit-based activity drivers EXCEPT
(Points : 3)

 number of setups.
 machine hours.
 number of units.
 direct labor hours.

(TCO 8) A
department that is capital intensive most likely would use a
predetermined departmental overhead rate based on which activity base?
(Points : 3)

 Units of direct material used
 Direct labor hours
 Direct labor cost
 Machine hours

(TCO 8) Star Inc. uses a job-order costing system to account for product costs.The following information was provided for the current year.Materials placed in production    $120,000 Indirect labor  $25,000 Direct labor (10,000 hours)  $145,000 Depreciation of factory building    $55,000 Other factory overhead     $85,000 Increase in work-in-process inventory     $25,000 Factory overhead rate per direct labor hour  $15Which is the amount of under- or overapplied overhead for Star Inc.?
(Points : 3)

 $25,000 overapplied
 $15,000 overapplied
 $25,000 underapplied
 $15,000 underapplied

(TCO 8) Acme Company manufactures two products (anvils and barrels).Overhead costs ($84,000) have been divided into three cost pools, which use the following activity drivers.  Product
# of Setups
Machine Hours
Packing Orders
Cost per Pool
 What is the allocation rate for barrels per machine hours using activity-based costing?
(Points : 3)


(TCO 8) Which is NOT a limitation of a plantwide overhead rate?
(Points : 3)

 Product diversity may consume overhead activities under differing consumption ratios.
 Overhead usage is not strictly linked to the units produced because some products are more complex and diverse than others.
 Predetermined rates using budgeted overhead are usually the best estimate of the amount of overhead.
 Overhead costs tend to be underallocated to highly complex products.

(TCO 8) The effort expended to identify those factors that are the root causes of activity costs is called
(Points : 3)

 driver analysis.
 activity outputs.
 activity inputs.
 value-added activities.

(TCO 8) Which is part of the cost and process dimensions of the activity-based management model?
(Points : 3)

 Driver analysis
 Cost objects

(TCO 8) Which is an example of a non-value-added manufacturing activity?
(Points : 3)

 All of the above

(TCO 8) The process that decreases the time and resources required by different activities is called
(Points : 3)

 activity sharing.
 activity elimination.
 activity reduction.
 activity selection.

literature assignment 2

NOTE: All submission posting times are based on midnight Central Time. 
For this assignment, you will be analyzing two more short stories, “Battle Royal” (which is the first chapter in Ralph Ellison’s novel,Invisible Man) and “The Birthmark.” As you read, reflect on the ways each depicts characters that are deemed socially unacceptable because of their outward appearances.
Please write acomparison/contrast essay of 1000 wordsor more discussing the questions below. Remember to begin your paper with an engaging introduction and clear thesis statement, develop each point in the body of your paper using examples and quotes from the stories, and conclude your paper with a restatement of your thesis and closing remarks. Also, be sure to maintain your credibility by including in-text citations and a reference list correctly formatted in APA style.
Setting: Describe the settings of both pieces and identify how the eras in which they take place—with their distinct societal attitudes and customs—affect the main characters?
Characters:“Battle Royal:” Discuss the young man and his grandfather. Why do we never learn the young man’s name? What do the grandfather’s dying words reveal about him?
“The Birthmark:” Describe the main characters: Aylmer, Georgiana and Aminadab. What is important to each?

Point of View: In which point of view (first- or third-person) is each piece told? If the point of view in “Battle Royal” was changed, would it have made the story more effective, or less so?
Symbolism: “Battle Royal:” Analyze the deeper meaning of the following: the “battle royal” itself, the naked blonde, and the young man’s dream at the end of the story.
“The Birthmark:” What does Georgiana’s birthmark signify, first to her and then to Aylmer? What does alchemy represent in the story?

Themes: What are the main themes/messages of each piece? What, in other words, do you think the authors, Ralph Ellison and Nathaniel Hawthorne, are trying to communicate about life and human nature in their respective stories?
Fear: What role does fear play in both pieces?
Discrimination: Both stories address physical appearance, specifically one’s skin, and the way people may discriminate against others because of external characteristics they deem inferior. Compare and contrast how discrimination and prejudice are presented in “Battle Royal” and “The Birthmark.”
Final Thoughts: Author Tim O’Brien wrote, “That’s what fiction is for. It’s for getting at the truth when the truth isn’t sufficient for the truth.” Talk about how literature might give us “truer” insights into the human experience by appealing to our senses, emotions and empathy. Describe a situation in which you or someone you know may have been discriminated against because of appearance, gender, race or another attribute. What did the experience teach you?
Please submit your assignment.


The government dams the river. A lake forms behind the dam, covering Sam’s land. Does the government owe Sam anything?   If so, what? If not, why?These individual works should each include the following:
An in-depth submission that should be free of spelling and grammar errors.
An essay containing a minimum of 200 words.
You will be assessed on the rationale you use in addressing the questions/issue posted, and how well you justify your argument regarding this issue.
Your response must be thought provoking, have well developed ideas and/or opinions, and should reference any supporting material from the text, lecture or other sources you have used to complete the assignment.
You may use your text or the internet as a reference, but remember to cite your sources according to APA guidelines.  For citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA Style section of the syllabus.

ECO372 Week 3 Team Assignment

Part 2 Evaluation of Recommendations:
you submit your recommendations to the president, decide as a team to
evaluate the recommendations from different perspectives. Assign half of
your team to evaluate the recommendations from a Keynesian perspective
and the other half from the Classical perspective. Based on these
evaluations, what adjustments will you make to your recommendations, if
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word report that summarizes the recommendations.

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