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Criminal justice case study. Police routine control

She directs the driver to pull the car to the side of the road. The car is an older model gold Pontiac and as Officer Smith walks to the driver-side of the vehicle, she remembers that a car fitting this general description was the suspected car in a recent road side killing of a fellow police officer. Wanting to make sure that she is safe, Officer Smith asks the female driver to step out of her vehicle for a brief pat-down for weapons. She pats her down and finding no weapons, Officer Smith asks the driver to have a seat back inside her vehicle. Officer Smith then asks the driver for her driver’s license and registration. Instead of providing her driver’s license and registration, the driver speeds away resulting in a high speed chase. The chase ends when the fleeing car hits a telephone pole and crashes.
Concerned that the car may ignite in flames from a leaking gas tank, Officer Smith removes the unconscious woman to a safe distance from the vehicle. Officer Smith returns to the vehicle to locate the driver’s purse for identification. As she enters the vehicle, Officer Smith notices the glove compartment has popped open and that underneath some documents is a gun which she retrieves. Officer Smith also retrieves the driver’s purse from the floor on the passenger side of the vehicle. Officer Smith opens the purse to get the woman’s identification and finds what appears to be a baggie of marijuana. It is later determined that this vehicle was not the car involved in the shooting death of the fellow officer. It is also later determined that the taillight was not broken.
Please answer the following questions explaining your answer in detail by analyzing the facts presented and other factors you consider relevant; defining and explaining key legal terms; and citing legal authority (your text and other legal authority) to support your conclusions in a 2-3 page paper (excluding the title page and reference page):
Did Officer Smith have reasonable suspicion to make the initial stop of this vehicle?
Was the “pat-down” of the driver legal?
Did exigent circumstances exist for Officer Smith to give chase to this vehicle?
Was the gun in “plain view” and legally obtained?
Will the marijuana baggie be admissible evidence?
(PLEASE NOTE: This assignment will require outside research.)
The paper should contain a cover page and a list of references in APA format.
All internal citation of outside sources plus the listing of all references should also adhere to APA format.
Use at least two credible resources beyond the text material.

CIS 115 one scenario

The program will prompt the user to provide each employee’s full name, hourly pay rate, and hours worked. The program will then ask if the employee is single or married. If an employee is married, the tax rate is 15%; if single, the tax rate is 23%. Also, if the employee worked more than 50 hours in a week, the number of hours greater than 50 is paid a rate 1.75 times of the provided hourly rate.
The program will display a list of all the employee names and weekly pay. In addition, the program will display the total payroll for the week, the average weekly pay, and the highest weekly pay.
Design a program using structured pseudocode as demonstrated in the lectures and, ensuring all variables are declared, prompt the user for the appropriate input and display a meaningful output message.
Ensure the following input is validated as follows:
If the hours worked per week is less than zero, set the hours worked to zero.
If the hours worked per week is greater than 70, set the hours worked to 70.
If the pay rate is less than $15 per hour, set the pay rate to 15.
If the pay rate is greater than $60, set the pay rate to 60.
Provide a program introduction message that tells the user how to use the program.

Comp230 Week 6 Quiz

(TCO 6) When you create a VBScript Scripting.FileSystemObject, you must start the code line with _____. (Points : 4)
Let fso = CreateObject
Set fso = CreateObject
Let fso = GetObject
Set fso = GetObject
2. (TCO 6) To Create a new file in VBScript, use the following command (assuming fso is a Scripting.FileSystemObject) _____. (Points : 4)
file = fso.CreateTextFile(“C:DataCustData.txt”)Set file = fso.CreateFile(“C:DataCustData.txt”)
file = fso.CreateFile(“C:DataCustData.txt”)Set file = fso.CreateTextFile(“C:DataCustData.txt”)
3. (TCO 6) To test to see if a file is not Read Only, use the following VBScript code _____. (Points : 4)
If NOT file.Attributes OR 1 Then
If NOT file.Attributes AND 1 Then
If NOT file.Attributes XOR 1 Then If file.Attributes NOT 1 Then
4.(TCO 6) The following command opens a text file in VBScript.
Set file = fso.OpenTextFile(“C:DataCustData.txt”, ?, ??, ???)
To open a file for writing, the value of ? must be _____. (Points : 4)The value of ? must be 1
The value of ? must be 2
The value of ? must be True
The value of ? must be False
5.(TCO 6) The following command opens a text file in VBScript.
Set file = fso.OpenTextFile(“C:DataCustData.txt”, ?, ??, ???)
To ensure that the file is formatted as ASCII instead of Unicode, the value of ??? must be _____. (Points : 4)
The value of ??? must be 0
The value of ??? must be -1
The value of ??? must be 2
The value of ??? must be -2
6. (TCO 6) In VBScript, to bypass reading the next line of text terminated by a newline (CR/LF), use the following method (assuming fileObj is a file object created with OpenTextFile) _____. (Points : 4)fileObj.SkipLines(1)fileObj.SkipLine( )fileObj.IgnoreLine(1)fileObj.NextLine( )


Do you think you would ever use graphing in your life to solve problems? Explain why or why notIn order to get participation credit for answering this DQ, you must post a substantive response which has a completely solved (showing all steps) example which uses algebra. Copying and pasting from another Web-site, even if properly cited, would not be considered a substantive post.

Motion Picture Industry

What motion pictures, if any, should be considered high-performance outliers?  Why?
Descriptive statistics showing the relationship between total gross sales and each of the other variables. Please provide an explanation of the relationships.
Your Report should include introduction and a conclusion paragraphs, and be two to four pages double-spaced and using

 APA guidelines. 

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