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Defining Environmental Health The term “environment” can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the context

Defining Environmental Health
The term “environment” can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the context and perspective. Start by looking up the term “environment” in several dictionaries. Take note of the differences and similarities of each definition and any examples that might be used to describe the term. Then think about the implications of these definitions on the specific meaning of the term “environmental health.”

In your response, address the following:
Summarize the meanings of the term “environment” (indicate which dictionaries you used) and contrast this with the definition of environment provided in the readings and lectures for this week I have enclosed with attachment.
Provide your own perspective on the meaning of the term “environmental health.”
Support your answers with appropriate research and reasoning.
Evaluation Criteria:
Summarized the meanings of the term “environmental health” and contrasted the definition with the readings and lectures for the week.
Provided the perspectives on the meaning of the term “environmental health.”

Big Data, Continuity Planning and Education of Nursing Students

Assignment: This week is an APA essay of 1500 words with 500 words for each of the sections. Be sure to write all APA papers/essays with correct title page, page #s, introduction, level headings, a conclusion, APA citations, and a reference page. There are three different sections to the paper this week which should be separated using level headings to organize each section.

Identify one aspect of big data and data mining that is interesting to you.

Explain the concept and how it might bring value to healthcare.

Describe the concept of continuity planning.

If you were the director or manager for your current workplace, describe the preparedness program you would recommend.

Locate an article discussing the use of informatics in healthcare education of the general public or of nursing students.

Discuss the benefits and drawbacks to using technology in this situation and recommendations from the author.

Do you feel this use of technology is a viable method of educating (the public or nursing students)? Why or why not?

Telemedicine and the internet- changing the healthcare delivery model

Paper details Though the technology certainly existed prior to Covid-19, and was utilized by some, for the most part tele-medicine was not widely used until March 2020.

In an APA formatted paper (7th edition), please discuss the following:

-How was telemedicine utilized prior to the novel Coronavirus?

-What were the barriers to use? What concerns existed that prevented it’s use?

-What allowed for telemedicine’s widespread use once the pandemic began?

-How were the concerns of prior addressed?

-What is the future outlook of telemedicine now?

Your paper should be at least 10 pages in length, utilize APA format, and utilize 3-5 scholarly resources.

journal reflection

Paper details You can reflect on the week’s readings, activity, and/or discussion posts. What
moved you or sticks in your mind in terms of how the readings expose, explain and explore concepts,
theoretical frameworks and issues? You may focus on a thought, a theory, an idea, a question, and/or a
comment by explaining how they connect to the week’s reading. Be sure to appropriately reference the
original article/course material you are reflecting on as well as make connections to at least 2 outside
sources. A minimum of 3 readings should be referenced for this assignment. While it is important to
be critically reflective in your writing, the format of the paper should still reflect an essay format (eg.
title page, brief introduction, thesis/organizing statement, outline to the paper, body of the paper,
conclusion, proper sentence and paragraph structure, citations, and reference list) and use APA 7th
edition referencing style, using 12 point, Times New Roman font, and double spaced.

eg. questions or thoughts like
Choose 1 quote from any of the readings this week that stands out to you in terms of what feminism means to you and/or the importance of feminism. Why did you choose this quote? What real life examples can you connect with?
How does whiteness permeate the feminist movement? How can we transform movements to be more inclusive?
Sometimes when discussing social justice issues related to feminist movements, we are met with the response, “What are you still fighting for? Everyone is equal now”. How might you respond to this? Give a specific example of an inequity that still exists.

Journal Reflection will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
• Critical thinking
• Depth of thought
• Connection to course content and outside material
• Writing style, formatting, and APA 7th edition referencing style

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