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Discussion #1 and 2 replies

Paper details I need you to reply to 2 of my classmates on 2 differant subjects.Please make sure to have referance page for each reply and you need to reply to each student by thier names directlly,hi __________ i agraa

John Espo
RE: Discussion 1 – Week 2 – John Esposti
The literature is an essential portion of the work. This becomes especially true when talking about any echelon of a dissertation. The writer already sees the need for their work and production. They need to assist the reader as well as the academic world to understand their point of view. According to Western Sydney (2017), to gain a much better understanding of the research, the debate among the field in which the topic exists, as well as again being in its written form. The use of journals, books, and other scholarly accepted resources will contain a critical description of relevant literature (Martinez, n.d.).

The three components in which the literature should contain include the following: a blended implementation of scholarly sources (Martinez, n.d.). Walden (2015), discusses organizing by topics yet answering all of the research questions. Therefore, we should see multiple authors blended and brought up throughout the literature review a number of times. Next, there should exist an identification of the gap in the literature. This component speaks for itself. The content of the literature review should be meat and potatoes. It should be full of value and context. It should be plentiful of knowledge, and minimal filler within the work. All in all, supported sources that display the gap (UC Santa Cruz, 2021). Lastly, the literature review should display the relationship between topics. I am working on a dissertation with COVID-19, the military, and alcohol consumption. I am establishing a literature review that connects alcoholism to the military, The COVID-19 pandemics effect on alcohol consumption, and all the relative topics to include suicide, mental health disorders, and coping. I am not only displaying the gap in the literature but complimenting each and every topic with the others. Overall, all the components of the literature review must complement one another and flow in a formal and synergistic fashion (Martinez, n.d.).


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Jacob Thor
RE: Discussion 2 – Week 2
Finding a Gap

Identifying a gap in the literature can be an explicit process such as finding a research article and reading what the authors thought were limitations or areas for further research, or it could be more nuanced such as not being able to find an adequate amount of information on a specific topic. Gaps can become apparent as researchers conduct literature reviews and identify repetitive themes that appear within current research literature (Walden University Writing Center, 2015). Additionally, some gaps may become apparent as researchers attempt to validate aspects that had not been fully tested such as typologies that may have been accepted at face value (Laureate Education, 2016). It is standard practice to identify a gap in the literature to justify why further research needs to be conducted in the first place as well as to define the unknown by what is known about it (McIndoo, 2014). Ultimately, any researcher should be able to show the gap that will be filled by their research study, and why filling that gap furthers the knowledge of their field.

Supporting the Problem

Research gaps can provide justification for research problems. Precisely filling gaps can lead to a quality study that aids in defining a problem (Martinez, n.d.). Including the research strategy used can also help other researchers verify the problem exists and that there is some background knowledge on it (Patterson, 2012). Starting a new research project with gaps in the literature in mind can help scaffold new information and build upon prior research in a methodical and intentional way. Including research gaps leads the reader from what has already been established, to the unknown, and finally to the answers to any questions that the research study has been able to study.


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Three-paragraph essay (#1) based on book “Another Country” by James Baldwin

Paper details Pick ONE of them:
1.Examine the role of condescension in Gwendolyn Brooks’s poem “The Lovers of the Poor.” Pay close attention to body language and other visual clues. How do these suburban women betray their charitable impulses? Where is Brooks’s poetic language most effective in exposing their hypocrisy?

2. On pages 52-53 of Another Country, Baldwin reenacts the violent and distrustful romance between Rufus and Leona. In what way is Baldwin moving beyond their troubled relationship to offer a commentary on American society in the late 1950s?

3. Offer a few examples of the way pride affects two characters in Book One of Another Country. Is pride a source of strength for these characters, or does it prevent them from establishing meaningful personal connections with others?

4. Despairing, freezing, and alone on the George Washington Bridge, Rufus prepares to meet his end (Another Country, pp. 87-88). Compare the language that Baldwin uses in this scene with the lyrics of the blues song played at Rufus’s funeral (p. 119). How do the two descriptions of Rufus’s fate give you a fuller understanding of the hurt he suffers?

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