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Discussion 1: “The Pillars of Islam.” Please respond to the following: REL 212

” Since Islam regards Jews and Christians as “people of the book” –
Explain whether or not you believe that Allah, El, and Jehovah (YHWH) are all the same “god” being worshipped by the three religions.

“The Way” (Dao or Tao in Chinese) is an integral part of both Confucianism and Daoism, and the word “Shinto” has “the Way” (do or to in Japanese) as part of its root, since it is “the Way of the Kami.”  Buddhism has “the Middle Way” and “the Way of the Buddha Dharma.”  Zoroastrianism has “the Way of Knowledge” and “the Way of (Higher) Life.” Jesus identified himself as “the Way,” and the apostle Paul said he was a follower of  “the Way,” meaning the early Christian church. Islam is sometimes referred to as “The Complete Way of Life.”  
Explain whether or not you think it is possible that “the Way” in all of these religions shares a common origin and surprisingly common truth.

please discuss

With the increasing popularity of online movierental operations, your company has struggled to meet its earnings targets forthe year. It is important for the company to meet its earnings targets thisyear because the company is renegotiating a bank loan next month, and the termsof that loan are likely to depend on the companys reported financial success. Also,the company plans to issue more stock to the public in the upcoming year, toobtain funds for establishing its own presence in the online movie rentalbusiness. The chief financial officer ( CFO) has approached you with a solutionto the earnings dilemma. She proposes that the depreciation period for thestock of reusable DVDs be extended from 3 months to 15 months. She explainsthat by lengthening the depreciation period, a smaller amount of depreciationexpense will be recorded in the current year, resulting in a higher net income.She claims that generally accepted accounting principles require estimates likethis, so it would not involve doing anything wrong.
Required:Discuss the CFOs proposed solution. In your discussion, consider the following questions.Will the change in depreciation affect net income in the current year in theway that the CFO described? How will it affect net income in the followingyear? Is the CFO correct when she claims that the change in estimateddepreciation is allowed by GAAP? Who relies on the video companys financialstatements when making decisions? Why might their decisions be affected by theCFOs proposed solution? Is it possible that their decisions would not beaffected? What should you do?

Total Quality Management

How does the “whatever it takes” philosophy influence

Exceptional Service
There are several service areas in hospitality with
differing service requirements, yet the expectation of providing
exceptional service remains a global requirement. These expectations
include both internal and external requirements. Internal requirements
include planning guests’ experience in a restaurant, hotel, etc.
External requirements include monitoring a guests’ processes when
booking a reservation.
 a. Internally: How do the requirements for front of the house differ from requirements for heart of the house?

  b.Externally: What automated systems have been implemented in the hospitality industry, particularly in
  reservation bookings? How are such systems improving service quality?

Discussion 1: The Arnolfini Portrait HUM 111

As a 21st century viewer, describe and explain your interpretation of the painting and its elements.
The photographic quality of Jan Van Eyck’s work has been both praised and criticized. Describe your impression of this precise painting style in comparison to another Renaissance artist of your choice.

Discussion 2: To Be, or Not to Be… HUM 111

Do you agree or disagree with Hamlet’s assessment of man’s reason for living? Explain your answer.
Why do you think this play continues to be relevant to contemporary audiences?

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