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Paper details Select a posting for a Fall 2021/Spring 2022/Summer 2022 internship related to your major at Baruch College.
Submit the internship posting to this discussion board. Please include the name of the company, title of the internship, semester term and link.
Example for a Corporate Communication major
Company: Penguin Random House
Internship Title: Publicity Internship
Internship Term: Fall 2021
Internship Link:

Select a internship in UI/UX designing or Marketing in the United States or Somthing related to business graphic communications .. write all the details about the company and the internship here

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Paper details Please write a 1 paragraph position paper, arguing for or against using nuclear power. Make sure to consider “who, what, when, where, why, and how.” There are no points for picking a specific side of the argument, so there is no “wrong” answer. But make sure to defend your answer. This means you MUST include at least three different references. Only one can be the lecture notes (use news stories, journal articles, or on-line sources for the others). If you cite an internet source, make sure that you cite the full URL and date that you accessed the item, since stories sometimes get updated or changed over time. There is no specific format requirement (you pick margins; font type and size), but cite sources using your choice of referencing style if you use specific facts. This is NOT intended to be a comprehensive essay, just a short proof that you are conversant with important details on nuclear power.

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