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Diversity and Millennials in the Workplace

Paper details 1.
o Introduce your diversity area (sexual orientation), and introduce Millennials.
o One paragraph introducing sexual orientation in the workplace
o One paragraph introducing Millennials

o Discuss similarities and differences between Millennials and other generations on how they view sexual orientation in the workplace
o How does personal identity play a role in millennials and other generations with the issue of sexual orientation?
o Discuss any proactive plans that you might use as a manager in the workplace.
o Conclude your report.

Politics of economic interest

Paper details All quarter, we have explored a variety of pressing social issues, as well as the many creative ways people have tried to affect change. You should now be prepared to think in deeper ways about politics of economic interests, as well as what we often call identity politics. Another way of putting this is the politics of redistribution vs. the politics of recognition. Which do you find more important for inspiring change and social equality—demands for cultural change (recognition) or demands for economic change (redistribution)? Do you think change is most important on a symbolic or an economic level (and why)? How are cultural and economic issues intertwined? Would you (like Nancy Fraser) argue for a combination of both? What might such a combination look like?

Your engagement in the above topic should form the basis of your final paper, and your overall argument should address these issues in great detail. However, you will also need concrete examples (i.e. so-called ‘real world’ examples) from which to draw.

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