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Paper details Write an essay in which you discuss the cultural differences of two respected companies that are successful in their industry, Zappos, and Amazon.

After you discuss the cultures of Zappos and Amazon, your ultimate final question is whether the purchase of Zappos by Amazon in 2009 was the right strategy based on the findings of your own online library research and the articles provided.

Introduction. Discuss the topic of the paper and how you will approach it. It is best to write this section after you have written the rest of the paper. The title of this first section is NOT the word Introduction; it is the company names for this assignment, that is, Zappos vs. Amazon. (The heading for each of the other sections of the paper in the following four subtopics.)

1. The History and Culture of Zappos. Describe the history and key elements of the culture of Zappos and explain why these cultural elements are essential to its success.

2. The History and Culture of Amazon. Describe the history and key elements of the culture of Amazon and explain why these cultural elements are essential to its success.

3. It was or was not a good decision for Amazon to Purchase Zappos. Make an argument that Amazon made the right or wrong choice to purchase Zappos. Discuss the specific differences between the cultures of Amazon and Zappos in support of your position.

4. Conclusion. Discuss the key points in your analysis that demonstrate the importance of understanding that organizational cultures are not easily changed and why culture should be a primary consideration when organizations contemplate an acquisition or merger.

Talent Management Critical Review

Paper details (This class is designed to equip students with a general knowledge of the field of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at both the individual and organizational level with a focus on integrating the concepts into the general field of organizational talent management.)

This assignment focuses on Talent Management to help students begin pulling the strings of the two subjects together.

Students will write a 2-4 page explanation of the field of Organizational Talent Management. The review should be based on concepts learned in class, articles from class, lectures, and independent research into the field of Talent Management. Here are some general guidelines.

Choosing support articles and materials: As part of your learning, students must do original research into the field of talent management. Your DEI book will not specifically cover this field although you may find overlapping areas that will. Although I have provided you with HCD, HRD, and other talent management articles throughout each week’s reading assignments, you should not just rely on those. Your instructor wants to see original research.

So for this assignment, I wish for students to research articles and websites about the Talent Management field. It must clearly have peer-reviewed journal articles relating to Talent Management. HINT – you will need to show me graduate-level research here (multiple references).

**Here are some areas to think about as you are reviewing the article (not an inclusive list):**

What is Talent Management within an organizational setting?
What are the elements of talent management?
How does talent management support an organization’s strategy and ability to compete in the competitive landscape?
How can improvements in organizational talent management lead to increased gains for both individual employees and the organization?
What happens if the elements of the talent management program are poorly managed?

Students can add other sections as they wish to express their views and thoughts on the concept of talent management and what I provided above is not necessarily everything you may wish to write about.

Format: The assignment will be formatted per the APA guide, 7th edition. Pages are double spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman. This requirement will be strictly adhered to. Use formal paragraph structure to write your paper (A topic sentence, the body, and a closing sentence). Do NOT use the questions above as headings in your paper.

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