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Paper details Don’t rewrite the paper directly but leave comments or write them at the end of the paper.

Pretend you are on a jury at an art institution reading exhibition proposals. You have received your partner’s exhibition proposal for consideration. What feedback would you give to the writer? Do you understand the curatorial strategy? Are you convinced the exhibition will work well in the space? Are you interested in potentially funding this exhibition? Write any other edits you wish. This may either be written directly in the essay or as a separate document.


Paper details Write a 2-page argumentative essay (4 -5 paragraphs – 600 words) that explains how concepts such as the sovereign (or head of state), the state and the social contract can be used to analyze the story in one movie we’ve watched. The opening paragraph should contain the sentence: If the social contract is defined as…, then the citizens of ……. are…well served/poorly served by their head of state.” Examples of relevant movies include but are not limited to The Patriot, The Queen, Elizabeth, and The Last King of Scotland.

Choose one movie. Things to consider: DO YOUR RESEARCH! Use the Handout “Gathering Basic Film Information and Analysis”. What is the historical context/background? What have reviewers written about this movie? What is the role of the state? Use proper definitions to answer: Who is the sovereign/head of state? Are the citizens well or poorly served by their state, their president, their king, queen or emperor, their leaders? Are there examples of despotism, tyranny and abuse of power? Does your movie illustrate the difference between a good sovereign and a despot? Is the social contract good for the citizens? Do they have grievances?

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