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Education Paradigms.

Paper details Watch the YouTube video below about Changing Education Paradigms. Follow the Discussion Post Guidelines for your submission.
The RSA. (2010, October 14). RSA ANIMATE: Changing Education Paradigms [Video file]. Retrieved from
Mention at least 2 specific points from the article, video or reading.
Relation of new information to old information learned in the course, use quotes and reference your relations.
Personal connections with the information in article, video or reading.
Discussion at a critical level means discussing things such as your opinion of the point mentioned, why you hold that opinion, what you see wrong with the point mentioned, how you see the point consistent/inconsistent with that you have learned so far, implications for the future, consistencies/inconsistencies within the article or reading itself, and so forth. In other words, critiquing an article means analyzing the good and/or bad aspects of the article, video or reading and justifying your analysis. Do not just tell me what the article, reading or video states.

“Carlton’s Not Black Enough” Analysis

Paper details This assignment asks you to identify and analyze a rhetorical artefact that addresses themes significant to the rhetoric of Black America. I really need an expert on rhetoric.

The artifact is on this link (

I uploaded the Paper outline. Please have at least the rough draft by June 29th, so I can show it to my instructor.

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