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Emerging Areas of Human Health

Paper details You have studied the essential structural elements of a functional eukaryotic chromosome. Select an essential structural element of interest. What are the implications of this element for research, health, and life span? How can the doctoral-prepared nurse apply this information in practice? Explain. Support your rationale with a minimum of two scholarly sources.


Paper details Please write as if you were me with your point of view. Fresh, smart and not formal writing. using fist person. As a blog or discussion writing.

We will read two texts by the Canadian media theorist Marshall Mcluhan and watch one episode of John Berger’s “Ways of Seeing.” Together, the materials will give you a language for discussing media, message, and meaning.

For your responses to McLuhan, especially, I’d like you to take a strong position relative to his arguments. Do you agree with his key terms? Do you think he has a sophisticated philosophy of history and culture? Is his paradigm useful for examining contemporary media?

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