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Paper details This assignment is subject to PLAGIARISM detection software and should be done in mla format if you have any questions please contact me keep in mind that my ptogessor does not know me only that i am a black male age 31 so when you decide to sprak about your own experiences keep that in mind. Also this is writting one i highlighted the instructions in purple ill send the reading materials in the message section

Literature Review for Capstone Project

Paper details As part of your Capstone project, you are giving a project to improve a Medical Device Coil Winding process. Your company is at the edge of losing important customers due to the high cost of production and high scrap plus the competition in the industry.

You plan to eliminate scrap and increase productivity by exploring a different technology (Change from desktop coil winding to point winding technology). Currently, your company is using a desktop coil winder process. after investigation, it was concluded that your company needs to change technology to compete. The solution is to change the technology and (go from mandrel coil winding to deflection coil winding) which will help eliminate scrap and improve productivity. The deflection coil winding produces a finished product compared to desktop winding that depends on the operator to load, unload and trim the coils. To prove the success of the project, you will perform the following analysis NPV, Payback Period, IRR, Sensitivity Analysis, Cost Savings analysis
Problem statement – This project aims to increase coil winding throughput by 50% and reduce scrap by 50% by Aug 30th, 2021.

Project Questions
The following questions will be answered after this project:
• What are some of the significant problems facing guidewire manufacturing companies (focusing on coil winding), and how to address them?
• What is the cost of excessive scrap in production, and what is the benefit of eliminating the source of wastes?
• What are the cost and benefits of exploring new technology vs. old technology

Perform research and write a 10-literature review. Summarize and analyze previous research and theories; identify areas of controversy and contested claims. The writer should select an appropriate topic to write a literature review on that is consistent with this improvement process.

See the Example of the deflection coil winding process below to understand the process to improve on: coiling how it works.html

See the Example of mandrel or desktop coil winding process below:

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