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English children’s literature

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Creative writing-Wk 2 – Poetic Language, Poetic Structures

Paper details Write two poems. These two poems can be on any topic you like, but they must be at least 12 lines each. Please do not make them longer than 50 lines each.

Follow these guidelines:

The first poem should demonstrate mastery of imagery and metaphor. The images and metaphors should fit together, reinforcing one another’s effect. They should be original, and fit the subject matter and your goals for the poem. Ideally, the literal sound of the words used should reinforce the images and metaphors chosen, and the images and metaphors should fit with the sound of the words used.
The second poem should demonstrate mastery of poetic form: line breaks, rhythm, and rhyme. Line breaks should guide reader response and contribute to the poem’s meaning, emotions and aesthetic effect. Rhythm should be regular and emphasize key words and meanings. Rhyme should be regular and flow easily. It should not seem forced, repetitive or obvious.

Both poems can use image and metaphor if you so choose.

Both poems can use rhyme, and you can consciously apply rhythm.

All poems use line breaks.

Refer to the grading rubric for specific success criteria.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment as a single Word document.

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