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Ethical Issues Data Breach

Paper details Blockchain technologies are supposed to be breach-free. Artificial intelligence is supposed to make our lives easier. Big data is supposed to help scientists solve problems faster. However, there are ethical issues including data breaches that threaten our technology lives. Based upon your readings this semester, who is responsible for data breaches? What are the ethical issues that surround blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data. Create an ethical framework for your current, or previous organization, surrounding their use of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and/or big data.

APA Format
4-7 pages
Essay must include 2 sources from magazine or Ted Talks


Paper details Prompt: Explain the concept of a prima facie duty. Why does Ross think that the duties he mentions are only prima facie duties? Describe a case in which two prima facie duties conflict. How do you know what to do? Do you find his arguments convincing? Is an ethical theory based on prima facie duties preferable to other sorts of ethical theory? Why or why not?

3 to 4 page (at least 750 words) paper. Use Times New Roman 12 pt font, double space, and include a Works Cited page using MLA citations from your textbooks. No other sources will be accepted. Please provide the page numbers used.

I will provide the other source through the messages since it is too large to clip.

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