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Ethics in Psychology

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You are to write an Ethical Profile paper which recognizes the formative influence of your family, heroes, and personal style on you as an ethical professional. This paper will provide a profile of you in regards to your ethical and professional practice. You will be required to include information on who you are as an ethical professional, how this course has shaped your unique ethical decision making style, and the areas in which you feel still need further development.
Include the following four sections in your paper:
Ethical Autobiography. First, explain how you think through and determine what is “right” and “wrong” (personally and professionally) in your own daily life.  Second, Identify four examples of ethical behaviors and explain how your cultural heritage has shaped your values.  Third, describe the nature of the four ethical behaviors you see in yourself.
Professional/Ethical Hero. First, identify an ethical “hero,” an individual that has most impressed you and serves as your role model because of their professional/ethical presence (i.e., sensitivity, appropriate boundaries, and respect for privacy, ethical commitment and ethical courage).  Elaborate on his/her ethical characteristics. Discuss how this person can (or does) serve as a role model for others in the helping profession.  Second, describe how this “hero” has influenced your value system. 
Ethical Decision-Making Style.This section will articulate your implicit style in terms of ethical decision making. Although there are specific models which help facilitate ethical decision making, everyone has their own unique style. Taking into consideration the ethical decision making model presented in this course, identify the style that reflects your early and ongoing experiences with moral values and issues which has been influenced and shaped by your parents, relatives, peers and valued adults in your life, such as a teacher or coach. Use what you have written from your autobiography to supplement this discussion.  In summary, explain your implicit ethical decision making style, including how this course and your cultural heritage have served as influential factors.
Professional and Ethical Development. Ethical development is, for most, a career-long process. In the last section of your paper, please identify at least two areas discussed in this module/course where you feel you would benefit from more development (Ethics in Psychology regarding Multiculturalism, bartering for services, having intimate relationships with clients, eg).  Lastly, suggest ways in which you can acquire your further development.
Please include information from two or more external scholarly references, using APA formatting for all citations.
Your paper should be approximately 6-8 pages in length, be double-spaced and in 12 point, Times New Roman font with normal one-inch margins, written in APA style, and free of typographical and grammatical errors. It should include a title page with a running head, an abstract and a reference page.

Assignment 1 Grading CriteriaMaximum Points
Explained how you thought through and determined what is “right” and “wrong” (personally and professionally) in your own daily life.28
Identified four examples of ethical behaviors and explained how your cultural heritage has shaped your values.36
Describedthe nature of the four ethical behaviors you have seen in yourself.28
Identified an ethical “hero” that has served as your role model and explained his/her ethical characteristics.24
Described how this “hero” has influenced your value system.24
Explained your implicit ethical decision making style, including how this course and your cultural heritage have served as influential factors.28
Identified at least two professional /ethical areas where further development would be beneficial.32
Suggested ways in which further development and/or training can be acquired.36
Style: Tone, audience, and word choice Organization: Introduction, transitions, and conclusionUsage and Mechanics: Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure APA Elements: In text citations and references, paraphrasing, and appropriate use of quotations and other elements of style.

Mourning Traditions

Briefly describe an example of a mourning tradition, practice, or ritual that is different from practices of your own culture. Be concise, but informative.
Write 1 page and show the source of your information.
Include the following information:

1. Briefly describe your own cultural practices related to mourning.

2. Identify the cultural group that you have selected.

3. Discuss some of the values/beliefs of the selected group, that support the
Group’s mourning practices/activities (for example, a belief that there is an
After life).

4. Include how long the mourning period lasts.

5. Describe some of the activities that are a part of the mourning tradition (for
example, attire worn by the mourners, cleansing of the body procedures,
restriction of embalming, use of cremation, funerals, etc.).

marketing book report

The purpose of this assignment is to challenge the way you think about marketing.  Each student will read Purple Cowcomplete a five page paper which outlines your top five (5) takeaways (learnings) from the book.  I want to know what you learned and how it’s impacted you and/or changed your way of thinking. 

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Professional Litigation User Services (PLUS) is a company that creates all types of visual aids for judicial proceedings. Clients are usually private law firms, although the District Attorney’s office has occasionally contracted for its services.
PLUS creates graphs, maps, timetables, and charts, both for computerized presentations and in large sizes for presentations to juries. And anything else of a visual nature that can be used in a judicial proceeding to make, clarify, or support a point.
Raj Jawahir is responsible for tracking the daily payments received from PLUS clients. You’ll help him maintain the PLUS database by creating the following ERD and tables:


Explicitly describe the following:
Choose the dependent as well as the independent variables. Why do you think are the selected independent variables expected to cause changes in the dependent variables?
Assess the goodness of fit of your model.
Interpret the coefficients of the regression model. Which independent variable has the strongest impact on the dependent variables? Which independent variable has the weakest impact?
Summarize the key business takeaways from your model. Briefly describe what the model communicates.
Submit your response in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document (copying any supporting parts of the Microsoft Excel output).
Name your document SU_MBA5008_W4_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.
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