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Extra Credit

Paper details This extra credit builds on Module 2’s class instruction and assigned readings regarding the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the subsequent findings of the 9/11 Commission. This assignment involves a critical analysis of a documentary about the FAA and the DOD Command Center personnel who were tracking and attempting to coordinate during the high jacking of the 4 commercial airliners on the morning of 9/11.

The assignment calls for you to view the documentary and write a concise 1-1 1/2 pages (double spaced) paper that examines the leadership and real time “intelligence analysis” as it pertains to these agencies’ performances during this crisis. This paper should also include a final paragraph of your opinion on how the crisis was handled as it pertains to intelligence collection and any recommendations on how it could have been handled better.

USe the following:

APA 6th edition, American English, demonstrate graduate writing

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Paper details Do you think your classmate has a reason for a rule to be developed? Offer suggestions for how you think your classmate’s argument could be strengthened. If you disagree with their proposal, explain why.

Class mate post:
Environmental rules and laws are very important for the health and well-being of people globally. Although some environmental issues only affect certain areas or populations, climate change is something that could affect everyone on Earth (not to discount the other environmental issues which are prevalent and need addressing). Global climate change over the past five years has been pushed to the wayside. Recently, action has been restarted in order to combat climate change, especially within the United States. Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts have created individual climate laws in which they mandate that the state reduces its harmful emissions in half by 2030 and fully reduces emissions by 2050.1 Building upon this climate law would be beneficial. Not necessarily adjusting the actual actions rather the number of states participating in these actions. Every state should mandate a climate law in order to combat climate change. It is vitally important for the reduction in emissions and the slowing of climate change especially by the year of 2050.1 By each state mandating a climate law this not only reduces emissions and climate change, but also does so on a necessarily quick timeline. These climate laws would need to be enforced in order for them to have the intended effect. The exact testimony in a rule-making session would be a presentation of both the health impacts of global climate and the data in addition to how climate change has disproportionate effects on underrepresented populations. I would follow these up with an outline of the Climate law being proposed and its necessity.

1. Kwoka B. What Are Climate Laws and Why Do We Need Them? Conservation Law Foundation Web site. climate law mandates that,a roadmap to get there. Updated 2020. Accessed Jun 13, 2021.

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