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Family relationships

Paper details Write a 1-2 page journal detailing your experiences with your interpersonal relationships within your family unit. This journal can take any form and cover any related content you would like, but some ideas are listed below to help you get started!

What are some common issues you’ve experienced within your family?
Do you utilize different communication strategies with direct family versus distant family? Which family members do you personally consider “direct” and how does that relationship affect your communication?
Do you have any siblings? How do you feel that your relationships with your siblings, or your lack of siblings, changes the way you interact with your parents? With other family members?
How have your relationships with family members changed over time? How has this impacted your communication with them?

Alternative material for a luxury company

Paper details The students must show that they master all concepts
learned during the course. Applying the methodology of
Material Driven Design for Sustainability (MDDS), the
students will have to foster the research on the material
chosen for the mid-term, and apply it for the problem to
solve and the future from ten years from now. They will be
asked to explore whether the material could be part of a
piece of clothing or fashion complement, for a luxury
brand. Also, the students will have to develop a
communication campaign to promote the sustainability
and innovation of their proposal.
This pdf document should contain the following parts:
1. Introduction: Material research. Explain the material
proposes: Composition. Technical and experiential
characterization in order to understand the material.
Circularity of the material. Value. Hands-on
2. Contextualize the problem to be solved
3. Explain future scenarios already thought.
4. Creating materials experience vision. The material
and product design should be designed for
biodegradability, recycling or disassembly. Explain strengths and weaknesses of the materials. Results
5. Product development. To find the dialogue between
material, function and form, where the product starts
taking form. Think about the digital manufacturing.
6. Sustainable communication strategy.
*Sustainable Communication strategy. Determine a
strategy following the philosophy and values of the luxury
company. It should be aligned with circular economy and
with the different Omnichannels.

The essay should include traditional as well as nano materials, new ones and unusual.

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