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Faster Computing was impressed with your presentation. The company is interested in moving forward with the project, but the

Faster Computing was impressed with your presentation. The company is interested in moving forward with the project, but the senior management team has responded to the presentation with the following questions and concerns:

(12.3.2: Describe the implementation of controls.)

How will security be implemented in the Linux systems—both workstations and servers?

(10.1.2: Gather project requirements to meet stakeholder needs.)

End users have expressed some concern about completing their day-to-day tasks on Linux. How would activities such as web browsing work? How would they work with their previous Microsoft Office files?

(12.4.1: Document how IT controls are monitored.)

The current Windows administrators are unsure about administering Linux systems. How are common tasks, such as process monitoring and management, handled in Linux? How does logging work? Do we have event logs like we do in Windows?

(2.3.2: Incorporate relevant evidence to support the position.)

Some folks in IT raised questions about the Linux flavor that was recommended. They would like to see comparisons between your recommendation and a couple of other popular options. What makes your recommendation the best option?

(10.1.3: Define the specifications of the required technologies.)

How does software installation work on Linux? Can we use existing Windows software?

How can Linux work together with the systems that will continue to run Windows? How will we share files between the different system types?

The deliverable for this phase of the project is a memo. There is no minimum or maximum page requirement, but all of the questions must be fully answered with sufficient detail. The recommended format is to respond to the questions in a bulleted format. Provide sufficient detail to fully address the questions. You must cite at least two quality sources.

(1.2.3: Explain specialized terms or concepts to facilitate audience comprehension.)

Create a memorandum template with a header of your own design or choosing, brief introduction, addresses Faster Computing, Inc’s questions, and summarizes your position on adopting the specific version of Linux.

(1.4.3: Write concise and logical sentences in standard academic English that clarify relationships among concepts and ideas.)

Your memorandum should not include spelling or grammatical errors. Any Linux commands must be displayed in lower case. Information technology acronyms (e.g., SSH or FTP) should be explained for the reader.

How Will My Work Be Evaluated?
In writing a clear and concise memo in response to senior management queries, you are demonstrating your communication skills, technical expertise, and responsiveness to customer/client needs and concerns.

The following evaluation criteria aligned to the competencies will be used to grade your assignment:

1.2.3: Explain specialized terms or concepts to facilitate audience comprehension.

1.4.3: Write concise and logical sentences in standard academic English that clarify relationships among concepts and ideas.

2.3.2: Incorporate relevant evidence to support the position.

10.1.2: Gather project requirements to meet stakeholder needs.

10.1.3: Define the specifications of the required technologies.

12.3.2: Describe the implementation of controls.

12.4.1: Document how IT controls are monitored.

Required Formatting
You are a company responding to your customer’s questions. The questions come from management and your answers need to be tuned to them. You are not a student fulfilling a writing assignment. This memo needs more than 10 pages for an A grade.

Format. Make your answers a bullet list, not a book.
Style. Never use “I”, “we”, “you”. Write in third person… “…an analysis will be performed…”
Template. Follow the template here Project 2 – Client Response Memorandum (TEMPLATE)
Audience. Restate their questions and provide the technical answers with just enough explanation that a manager would understand. Do not insult them; they are probably more technical than you, with advanced degrees. This is about you delivering a solution, do answer their questions in a way that they conclude that you are telling them that they will need to figure it out.
Security question. Really, really impress them by stating in your answers that you will follow NIST SP800-53 and SP800-123 cite a few nuggets from those docs.
Log file question. Include in your answer that you will provide them with a log file management policy compliant with NIST SP800-92
An impressive summary. Convince them that you are the right company.


 Next, the program 
prompts the user for an integer i.  If this integer is between 1 and 10, the 
program outputs the ith integer in the array, and then prompts the user for 
another integer i.  If the integer is outside the range of 1 to 10, the program 

thoughtful in your response. Your original response should be at least 200 words

View the clip from Wall Street. Then read the short article, Finding and fixing corporate misconduct. What are your thoughts regarding the speech from Gekko? Is he speaking from an organizational justice perspective (at the corporate level) that the article describes? Has anything really changed in the ethics of corporate conduct since the movie was made (1987)? Can you cite any recent instances (2019-2020) of corporate or political misdeed related to ethical misconduct? For this discussion, answer the questions while providing your opinion and feedback to course mates related to ethical issues discussed in the movie clip and article.

Sexism in Film as seen in Shaft and The Big Lebowski

Your second and final essay will have you compare two detective films (these can be films we have not watched in class). Papers should be 8-10 pages in length. Your essays will be like the first but will make a coherent and sustained argument comparing the two movies. Again, your essay should discuss both thematics (motifs, characters, etc) and cinematic form. Be sure to support all points you make with evidence from the films. Your essay should make use of at least two articles or chapters that were not part of our assigned readings (but those you covered in your annotated bibliography are fair game). These essays might be used to help you read a scene or narrative/cinematic device by “borrowing” or translating a reading (for example, you might use the way Philippa Gates reads The Silence of the Lambs as a model for considering similar issues in another film) Or they might serve as something to argue against (you could frame a reading of a detective film by arguing that W.H. Auden’s theory of detection is all wrong for an American context). Or you might use the essays to help underscore the significance of your own essay’s argument (as an example, you might use Todorov’s or Irwin’s account of detection to argue for the intellectual resonance of any detective’s work). Remember: the focus of your essay should be on developing your own argument, not in providing summaries of the films/essays you researched. Papers will be assessed according to the rubric below and will be due as a Word file to the class Brightspace page by Sunday, August 1st.
The essay will be dissecting the racism and sexism in the films “Shaft” (1971) and the film “The Big Lebowski” (1998).

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

  Support your response
with evidence from the text.

What areas of its ethics audit
should Soumey change?

Does Jerry have a duty to
report any of the items that he has heard to an outside authority?

Is Jerry responsible for the
problems associated with Soumey over the last three years?

Guided Response: 
Review several of your classmates’ postings.  Respond to at least two
classmates by stating whether you agree or disagree with your classmates’
position on Jerry’s level of responsibility.  Support your position with

Effective Business Ethics

Watch the video:

Examine a code of ethics from an organization of your choice. 

Research Tip: Organizations often make their
business ethics programs, codes of ethics, or codes of conduct public on their
websites.  Be sure to include a link to your chosen organization’s
business code of ethics in your post.

Consider the following:

Why might this organization
need a code of ethics?

Which elements of effective
business ethics systems, as described in your text, are utilized in your
chosen organization’s program?

How does your chosen company’s
code of ethics minimize risk? 

What does the organization’s
code of ethics say about the organizational culture? 

Be sure to reference your textbook and at least one article or
scholarly source to support your findings.  Include the link to your
chosen organization’s business ethics program. 

Guided Response: 
Review several of your classmates’ postings.  Respond to at least two
classmates by reviewing their chosen organization’s business ethics program and
offering your thoughts regarding its level of effectiveness.  Be sure to
support your position with evidence from the text or other external scholarly

AssignmentTo complete the following assignment, go to this
week’s Assignment link in the left

Framework for Ethics

and behavioral organizational ethics can be measured with a variety of models;
including Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard, and the Triple Bottom Line. 

two of these models to evaluate.  In a three to five page paper excluding
title page and reference page(s) complete the following:

Analyze the components of two
of these models and how they can be used to enhance ethics and business

Describe how organizations can
utilize the models to drive ethical decision-making, including how those
organizations might integrate the model into their business ethics

For each of the two models you
have chosen, find an organization that utilizes the model and illustrate
how it has been applied within the organization.

addition to the textbook, be sure to support your work with evidence from at
least three scholarly sources; including the Ashford University Library,
peer-reviewed journals, and industry reports. 

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