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FINAL ASSIGNMENT    Instructions: Choose any ONE of the questions below and answer it using a minimum of four (4)

FINAL ASSIGNMENT    Instructions: Choose any ONE of the questions below and answer it using a minimum of four (4) full length paragraphs of five (5) sentences each. Be sure to have a clear position that you defend with relevant evidence from the textbook and other course materials. Organize your responses in a logical structure and use clear topic sentences and transitions. Edit your paper thoroughly to avoid errors and to improve readability.   v  Standard paper format: Use Microsoft Word, Times New Roman


Paper details BLAW 203
Research Project
PROJECT PURPOSE: This project ties into the Course Outcomes of exploring the origins, sources, and classifications of law. The purpose of this project is to get you familiar with what tools and information can be found on the internet that pertain to the business world. In today’s business world, answers for many legal questions or regulatory requirements can be met through federal or state websites, whether or not the business person ultimately uses an attorney to address the matter. State and federal government web pages provide forms for filing, court opinions and statutes that identify the law, legislative and regulatory calendars that identify proposed legislation, and many other types of information that informed business people need to be aware of as an important resource for managing, owning, or starting a business.
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Information derived from content found on the Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, or Indiana State Web Sites that relates to the material in the first four chapters of the book. Do not use federal web sites without pre-approval of both the site and the proposed content. The specific task for each student is to find the Secretary of State’s website; The State Supreme Court’s website; Professional Licensing websites; or any other website accessed through the Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, or Kentucky state website that relates to the first four chapters of the text. You should identify the website’s URL, provide a way to access the website without the URL, identify the content of the website (what can be found there and what can be done from the website), describe any interactive features on the website, identify what, if any law, is found on the site (i.e. statutes, regulations, case law, etc.). .
Include a paragraph on what you discovered from the exercise that you were not aware of before the exercise, in other words, identify something that you learned after utilizing the website. Describe how the information accessed by you relates to concepts covered in the first four chapters of the textbook.
Make sure to check your spelling and grammar. I’m more interested in content but how your paper looks and sounds is important. This paper is worth 50 points.

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