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Final Paper

Paper details To conclude this course, students will be expected to submit on Bb a two-page paper. It should
be fully edited with a professional appearance in a file that can be posted onto Bb (PDF, MS
Word, Etc.). It should have your name, the name of the course and Summer 2021. You can
allocate those two pages to whatever format you feel appropriate, meaning font size and
spacing but the expectation is that it is a thorough paper that attends to the following:
1. Clearly articulate theories and concepts presented in this course that you align with. There
were numerous concepts, artists, theorists that contradicted each other so it is important that
you are able to make those distinctions with specific references to the course content
(Aesthetics textbook, PDF readings, TED Talks, Videos, etc.). I cannot stress this enough as I
have commented multiple times throughout the class as well as during feedback on
assignments. This is a crucial portion of this paper to demonstrate synthesis. You have to
make specific references to multiple sources to make claims and defend them. What do you
(dis)agree with and why? What content from this course has extended your previous
knowing? How has your understanding of aesthetics changed?
2. In the paper, either in a separate section or woven throughout your synthesis should be
examples of how you have responded to the course content. Meaning, how have you
internalized what you have learned? Has it impacted your art practice? Has it had an impact in
any other areas of your life? Again, give specific examples both in your thinking and in relation
to the course content. At the point of sounding redundant, I will be looking for clear references
(quotes, page numbers, names of artists/theories/theorists/etc).
3. This should be written to the level expected of a 300-level class and consistent with the
standards I have held throughout the course. It should be well edited, articulate and use
academic language.
Im going to add some documents on stuff I have written in this class as well as some stuff from the book.

If this is not something you guys can do let me know. Thank you.

Paper details The student will write a summary (in their own words) of the article that is a minimum of two (2) pages.
The written assignment must be typed using Arial font, size 12, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. A title page must be included, and a reference page with the correct APA format.
After writing the minimum two (2) page summary, the student should also write a paragraph on how this information may be used in their nursing practice.

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