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Fix Amazon API script

It works ok but if I put more than about 300-400 in the file it usually stops and won’t finish. So I have had to split the files up. I rather not though.
It’s possible that the API sometimes doesn’t respond so it needs to resend that call and continue. I think that right now it stops if there is no response.But I am sure that it can be fixed in some way.
I want only applicants who have worked Amazon API.

Identify the different types of health assessments that you should complete

Esposito, a 58-year-old Latina female is coming in to receive a
comprehensive health assessment. According to her chart, she has a
history of the following: occasional episodes of high B/P and systemic
lupus erythematosus (a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect all
body systems). She states she is not on medication for the blood
pressure and experiences occasional shortness of breath and pain.
Identify the different types of health assessments that you should
complete on her (i.e., a pain assessment, etc.). Pick one of the
assessments that you’ve identified and expand on what information you
plan to obtain.

Analyze the aspects of right to counsel

Be sure to answer the question “why did the Supreme Court decide the case the way it did?”
· Examine the development of right to counsel by briefly discussing and identifying the issue related to providing counsel by the Supreme Court in Powell v. Alabama (1932), Johnson v. Zerbst (1938), Gideon v. Wainwright (1963), and Argersinger v. Hamlin (1972)
Discuss the limitations on right to counsel imposed by the Supreme Court.
· Right to Choose Counsel – Wheat v. United States (1988)
Discuss how the “critical stage” doctrine is used to determine when counsel is required at pretrial and post-trial proceedings. Discuss these pretrial proceedings, what the identified case says about right to counsel, and why the Supreme Court decided the way it did:
· Police Investigations
· Custodial Interrogations – Miranda v. Arizona (1966)
· Arraignment – Hamilton v. Alabama (1961)
· Preliminary Examination/Hearings – Coleman v. Alabama (1970)
· Plea-Bargaining – White v. Maryland (1963)
· Sentencing/Deferred Sentencing – Mempa v. Ray (1967)
· Probation

Express the set using the roster method.

2 Express the set using the roster
method.  To do that, first translate
into English what this mathematical expression states.  Then list the elements of this set in
roster form.  Explain how you arrived
at your answer.

  {x | x EN 
and x < 8}- its that funny made E

Copy the problem or write out
important information. 


Determine the elements of
the set by Translating the mathematical expression into English


is an element of set N

N stands for
standard numbers



The element of N is LESS than or equal to 8

or delete rows as n

Week 4 DQ NTC 409

What are the bandwidth capacities of each? In what other ways do they differ? What encryption types are available?

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