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Fundamentals of Hospitality Restaurants and Wines

The word restaurant comes from a French word meaning __________. (Points : 1)
2. Wine is the fermented juice of freshly gathered, ripe _________. (Points : 1)
3. In the United States, premium wines are named after the __________. (Points : 1)
grape variety
4. Fortified wines have added _______________. (Points : 1)
brandy or wine alcohol
5. The person credited with setting up the first European restaurant of modern times, in 1765, was _____________. (Points : 1)
Auguste Escoffier
Caesar Ritz
Howard Johnson
Monsieur Boulanger
6. The cost for the average in-flight meal is approximately __________. (Points : 1)
7. There are several methods used to classify restaurants. Experts agree that the two main categories of restaurants would be ________________. (Points : 1)
independent and chain
quick serve and family
independent and casual
fine dining and quick serve
8. ________ are operations owned by one or more people who are usually involved in the day-to-day operations of the business. (Points : 1)
Indies (or independent restaurants)
Quick service restaurants
9. Wines are often first classified by ___________. (Points : 1)
growing region
10. Beer is a brewed and fermented beverage made from ________ and flavored with _________. (Points : 1)
malted barley, starchy cereals; hops
grapes; fruit
yeast; barley
hops; grains and wheat

“Leadership” and “Conflict and Competition”

Is there a particular type of group that uses a particular leadership approach? Why do you think this is the case? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.  
Conflict and Competition Discuss whether intergroup conflict and intergroup competition are the same or different. Provide examples to support your position. What strategies can a leader use to ensure that there are positive results from the conflict or competition? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

In this unit, you have learned about data collection and measurement. For this assignment, write an essay assessing measurement’s role in marketing research. Please address the following questions in

For this assignment, write an essay assessing measurement’s role in marketing research. Please address the following questions in your essay. What is measurement? What is a construct? Why are these important? What are the similarities and differences between each of the four primary scales of measurement? How are scales developed? What are comparative and non-comparative scales? Why might each type be used? Among the four basic levels of scales, which one provides the researcher the most precise information, and why? Your essay must be at least two pages in length, and you must use at least two scholarly resources. Any information you use from these resources should be cited and referenced in APA style. Your essay should be formatted in accordance with APA guidelines, and it should be written in standard essay format to include an introduction and conclusion section.
The files attached are to help with Essay 

response to Case Study 7.1: The Case of the Variable Laminates in your textbook. In your case analysis, be certain to answer the following questions:

1. Design an experiment that will assist the process engineers use in determining what actions to take to reduce laminate thickness variation. Include an assessment of the variables that may be the cause of sub-optimized output.
2. How would you evaluate the organization on the concept of “repeatable work? What recommendations would you have to standardize the manufacturing process? Why is repeatable work so important in continuous improvement activities?

Ashford 3: – Week 2 – Assignment

P.A.C.A., the government has taken a step towards reshaping the U.S. health care system. In your paper, you should describe the key characteristics of the act, review some of the major historical developments that resulted in its passage, and explain the major influences that shaped its creation. In addition, you will compare and contrast information about the act from a popular lay media report (like a website or newspaper/magazine article) with other official information available from academic research and/or governmental sources. Based on what you read, you will take a position on what you think some of the biggest pros and cons of the act are. Finally, you should analyze how the act will affect the U.S. health care system in terms of cost, quality, access, and the provision of services.You must use the Ashford library to conduct the research necessary to complete this assignment. Prior to beginning this assignment, you are strongly encouraged to complete the Research Tutorial (specifically, units 2-3 and 5-8), which is available through the Ashford University Library.In a three to four page double-spaced paper (excluding title and reference page), respond to the following:

Describe the purpose and history of the act. What issues in the U.S. health care system was the act intended to address? How did those issues develop historically? Provide examples that illustrate the historical development of the act.
Describe the key features of the P.P.A.C.A.? How will the act impact the U.S. health care system?
Compare and contrast the lay media report(s) with what scholarly sources say about the act. What do the popular lay media say about the P.P.A.C.A.? How do popular lay media reports compare to official (governmental or academic research) information available about the P.P.A.C.A.?
Describe your personal opinion about the act. What is your opinion about the P.P.A.C.A. overall? What do you believe are some of the pros and cons of the act? How did you develop that opinion?
Analyze the expected effect of the act in terms of cost, quality, access and the provision of services. Which features of the P.P.A.C.A. do you think will have the biggest effect (positive or negative) on our health care system?

Your paper must utilize three sources, including one “lay” media source (like a website, television broadcast, or print media article) and two scholarly sources. One of the two scholarly sources must be obtained from an academic journal accessed through the Ashford Online Library and the other may be an academic reference or a governmental or professional website taken from the Health Care Administration Subject Guide (located in the Ashford Library). All sources must be documented in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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