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Funding Sources

Paper details Write a paper in which you develop a basic plan for funding the program that utilizes public and private funds. Reference a Saint Leo University Core Value, Theory, or NOHS Standards

I will have other information from project attached with sources, etc please refer to these

Chapters 3-4

Paper details Your initial response should answer three of the following questions, with at least one from each chapter of the class textbook.

3-1. Explain why HR decisions are heavily regulated. Based on your analysis of current social forces, what new laws or regulations do you think will be passed or issued in the next few years?

3-5. Many companies in the United States have recently put an end to the practice of giving an annual employee Christmas party due to complaints by employees with non-Christian religious backgrounds or spiritual values who claimed the Christmas party was a discriminatory employment practice. These employees argued that the employer who celebrated by paying for an employee Christmas party favored Christianity over other religions and belief systems. Do you think non-Christian employees are treated illegally or unethically when the employer decides to give a Christmas party for all the employees? Why? What would be a reasonable accommodation that an employer could make to satisfy both the Christian and non-Christian employees? (Biblical Example – Cite Scripture in your explanation).

3-18. Some male senior executives avoid becoming mentors to younger women because of their fear of the possible sexual harassment claims against them (as retribution for a romantic relationship that ends badly) or office gossip suggesting that the mentoring pair are having a romance. Do you think it is reasonable for male executives to have these fears about what could evolve or be suggested about professional relationships with female managers? How could a woman seeking a mentor go about cultivating a mentoring relationship with a male senior executive, being aware that some men have reservations about establishing close professional relationships with women due to office gossip or the possibility that a romantic relationship results in the male having to defend himself against charges of sexual harassment?

3-21. What is the purpose of a non-compete agreement? Do you think it is ethical for a company to require its employees to sign a non-compete agreement as a condition of employment? Under what conditions do you consider it to be acceptable for an employer to ask an employee to sign a non-compete agreement?

4-3. Consider the Manager’s Notebook “Religious Differences Moving to the Forefront of Inclusiveness.” Do you think that the owners of a company, major shareholders, or top management have a right to use their religious beliefs as a basis for establishing HR policies for employees? Why or why not? Explain. (Biblical Example).

4-8. Doug Dokolosky, a former IBM executive who specializes in coaching women, argues that “to reach the top requires sacrifice and long hours. If that is your ambition, forget things like balancing work and family….” Do you think most U.S. firms just pay lip service to family accommodation policies? Can you think of any noteworthy exceptions?

4-10. The Society for Human Resource Management now utilizes the terms “diversity and inclusiveness” together. Why do you think that is the case? What would you do to accomplish both simultaneously? Explain. (Introduce additional SHRM Materials).


Gomez-Mejia, L. (2016). Managing human resources (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

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