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Gender Power struggle in societal infrastructure

Paper details This is the feedback I got,
“You have a good start. You have an important topic. You discuss gender and societal norms well. You address many issues connected to gender socialization in play and conversation in interesting and compelling ways. In particular, I appreciated your point about gender classification during the war as well as your discussion of challenging the gender binary. You include much data and use it to develop your paper. It is well-developed, well-supported, and well-written. However, I would like to you to focus your paper on a topic connected to one aspect of gender (pick from your list and develop it). You cover too much ground and do not develop key areas in this discussion. You could reflect more on gender and power. Be sure to proof your paper for minor comma errors. This paper has much potential. B .”

this next is the Final Draft, So if you can zero in a flesh out one specific topic on gender power struggle.

Personaly i felt the paper was a A lol…


Paper details As a final project, you will prepare an evaluation proposal related to any criminal justice issue, criminal justice organization, criminal justice program, or policy. You need to follow the outline below. Your proposal should be 5-7 pages (excluding references), double space, Times New Roman, 12-point font size, and APA style in your citations and references.
Identifying Stakeholders
Evaluation Types
Data Collection Strategies
Data Analysis
A evaluation proposal is a plan that helps guide your evaluation, therefore it is just like the budget an organization makes at the beginning of every fiscal year. The Evaluation proposal is your own project, where you can be an “Evaluator” and decide on a criminal justice policy, organization or issue and plan to evaluate it based on the concepts learned in the course. What is your Evaluand? Who will your stakeholders be? What type of evaluation will you carry out and why? What paradigm will guide your proposed evaluation? What design or methodology will you chose and why? How will you gather the data/information and how will you analyze the data? How will you conduct a meta evaluation; how your project will be managed; and finally how you will share your results/write your report?
You will find all these required concepts under each week. Follow the outline above to write your proposal. The texts for the course have guided us on each of the required concepts through the past seven weeks. The Evaluation Proposal is due on Wednesday, July 28th at 11.59 PM. You have three attempts to submit to reduce plagiarism issues.
In the past, some students have actually evaluated their organizations (hypothetically, without real numbers that may be confidential of course). Please make sure you are not violating any confidentiality agreements or privacy rights of your organization.
I have gotten a couple of questions about the “results”. In this proposal they will not be actual results, but the main purpose here is to understand the concept of what will happen when you have the results of your proposed evaluation? How will you share your results, with who, and what steps you plan to take for implementation or changes to the issue, program, organization or policy? But hypothetically, you have a reason why you are carrying out this evaluation therefore you should know what you would want to do with the results,, who you will share them with, whatever the results may be.

Personal Code of Ethics

Paper details Using the readings (and other resources, such as the PRSA’s professional values and the SPJ Code of Ethics) as a guide, you will write a personal code of ethics. Your Personal Code of Ethics should guide your future career as a communication professional or journalist. In your Personal Code of Ethics, you can select the categories and considerations that will be most pressing and important to you as a media professional (journalist, reporter, producer, videographer, etc.). Ask yourself: How can I be a more ethical media professional and consumer?

All Systems Red–Please read all instructions

Paper details 1. Although Murderbot has the appearance of being a well-developed, round character. Provide evidence and argue that he is NOT a round character after all. Think about what makes a character complex and round. Then, find evidence that Murderbot does not truly exhibit these traits but only appears to do so. For this part of the assignment, find 15 quotes that support the stance that Murderbot is actually a flat character.

2. Please Complete the Thesis and Blueprint form

HR ( Support change within organisations

Paper details A written analysis (approximately 1000 words)
Section 1 (AC 1.1)
Identify and describe at least 6 factors (which are either external or
internal) of change which are impacting an organisation using the tools of
PESTLE and/or SWOT. for each factor WHY

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